10 month old wont eat

hi everyone

my 10 month old had diharehea and sickeness and wouldnt eat for 14 days and it cleared up in the last week but now he wont eat anything, he will have bits of his milk and water but he doesnt want to eat... i have tried him with something small but he doesnt want it.

any advice apreciated



  • firstly id have taken him to the gp as he could have become dehydrated with all the water loss, secondly, could it be his teeth? my daughter is also 10 months and is totally off her food at the minute as her teeth are coming through. xxx
  • My LO has just had that too and is only just starting on solids again. I found that not pressurising her too much seemed to get her started. I just left a rice cake in her reach while she was playing and after a while she decided to pick it up and eventually she ate it all (took about half an hour though!). It's definitely going to take her a while to get back to normal though x
  • My dd had a stomach bug before Christmas and it took her about a week to be eating properly again afterwards. I just tried her with small amounts of food at each meal time and eventually she was back to normal.
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