BF baby allergic to formula, worried about weaning, anyone had same?

Hi guys,

DS is 4.5months old. He was exclusively BF til 3.5months, and has had 5 bottles of formula over the last month. First time 2 he had 5oz, 3rd one he had 6oz. Took them fine no different to bottles of EBM (which he's had since 4 weeks regularly). The 4th time he had 7oz, then had a BF from me 1.5hrs later (he is a freq feeder, this is normal evening gap for him). half hour after that he projectile vomited everything in him. He was heaving til he only brought up drops of watery mucus after all the milk came out. He became v drowsy, went to bed with no feed and woke 3am, had BF and was back to normal self no further vomiting. Now we thought it might be a tummy bug, or I'd had one glass of wine that day for first time in month?

So we threw out the tub of formula powder just in case. Left it a week, and today he had a 5oz bottle of formula from a carton. 2.5hrs later (with no other feed in between) he projectiled everything til empty again. Seems back to normal after sleeping it off for an hour, tho hasn't asked for a feed yet which is unlike him.

Has anyone had anything similar to this?

Now I'm worried about weaning, which we planned to start in a week (on HV's advice). Worried he might react to lots of foods if he can't even keep formula down. Also I've been finding it increasingly hard to express, only getting 1-2oz. So now if I want to miss one feed a week I have to express every single day. Also I'm going back to work in May. only 2 days a week, but he'll only be 8months old, so still needing a lot of milk, and I'm worried about expressing enough for him to have bottles while I'm not there.

Any similar experiences or advice would be welcome. Will ring the HV on Monday and see what she thinks.


  • Hi hun, my son was also like this, he is almost 7 months & was ebf for 5 months. He was admitted to hospital with brocalitis & breathing was difficult for him & he was on oxygen so was suggested by doctor to formula feed as it would be easier. He vomited after every feed & eventually after changing his milk things seemed to settle down. He is now taking aptimal formula well & has stopped vomiting.

    My daughter could only keep cow & gate comfort milk down, she was a very sicky baby & couldn't even keep breastmilk down.


  • So went to docs today about the projectile vom after formula issue. She said it doesn't sound like a normal milk/lactose intolerance, as he doesn't have diarrhoea. his skin issues started before the formula and are much better now. no colicky nasty windy belly. and also I eat lots of dairy, and he's fine on my milk. ...She also said it doesn't sound like a straight forward allergy as he's not sick straight away. So really she wasn't sure what it is. But she did say from the volume of vomit I described that's not normal to still be in his stomach. Although formula sits in the belly more than breast milk she said there shouldn't still be such a large volume 2 hours later.

    So she said as not classic dairy not to try soya, she wants me to try comfort formula instead as it's easier to digest. She also wants me to try a 3oz bottle first. William is not going to like that idea!!!

    The fact she thinks it's not a si...mple dairy issue makes me less panicked about the weaning now. Will give his belly a rest and try at end of week I guess.

    Thanx for the reply Lilypie. Have cow and gate comfort to try him on now. Did you have any problems with weaning with your bubbas? Did anythign other than the formula make them sick?
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