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Prominent Veins on babies face?


I have six month old twin girls who have both got prominent blue veins on the bridge of their noses. One twin has them worse than the other and to be honest it's the first thing you see when you look at her face. They have both had them since not long after they were born and have certainly not faded, infact in the last week they have both developed very very faint new ones in the same area.

I have been told by at least 2 doctors that have seen them for different reasons that it is nothing to worry about and that they will fade (which i find hard to believe) but since these new ones have started i have been worrying that there is something else going on?

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The baby that is affected worse also has eczema on her face, could this be connected?

I am going to take them to see the doctor this week but fully expect to be fobbed off so just thought it would be interesting to see if any of you ladies have come accross this before?

Thanks for reading xx


  • Are you using hydrocortisone on the area? That might make them worse.
  • My daughter had a really bluish green vein across the bridge of her nose and down her nose. I remember being really worried about it but it has faded a lot now she is 18 months. Don't worry- it is just because their skin is so thin and delicate. I remember feeling just like you which seems silly now but a real worry at the time x
  • My baby has one at the side of her face. It was quite bad until about 5/6 months. Now she is 8 months and over the last couple of months it is less visable. I think its due to them having thinner skin when they are little maybe???? It looks like she has a small blue bruise on the side of her face now. lol.
  • Our LO has a blueish vein accross the bridge of his nose although it's not hugely noticeable. He has eczema on his face too over his cheeks and his forehead. Hope you get some answers at the doctors. x
  • my nearly 3 yo has a vein running vertically right down her nose, under the skin so u can just see a blue line. it doesnt bother us much tbh, its not terribly noticable. we call it her 'prawn nose' after the lines that run down backs of prawns! its like a centre line of her face, really wierd! sorry this probs aint much help, but its probs more common than u think. x
  • Thanks all of you for the replies!

    It's great to know that it is common. I just get myself paranoid sometimes that it cold be a sign of something worse.

    I also worry that if it is still the same as it is now when she starts school she may get bullied for looking different or something! Probably being really stupid, i know!

    On the bright side it is the only way that hubby & I can tell the twins apart so goodness knows whar we will do if the veins do dissapear :lol:
  • my niece cooper has the same thing! she's 18 months old and has had it since she was a little baby. my sister says she has no idea why it's there or how to get rid of it. (although i doubt she's even seen a doctor about it lol)

    sorry to not be of much help but it seems to me that it's not rare.
  • Google sugar bug, it's a real thing!

  • I have a 15 week old with the same thing, 3 dark veins going down his nose and eczema on his face, i wonder what it is

  • I was born with blue veins showing on my eyes lids and nose. They faded at a very young age I was told. However even now as an adult whenever I am sick they show up. Maybe not as dark as they were when I was born but they are definitely noticable. None of my children nor my grandchildren were born with it. I'm not sure this helps any of you or not. 
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