Doidy cup

Does anybody have any experience of these? My hv just suggested it to give top up feeds to my breastfed 12 week old who is refusing a bottle. He seems a bit young?


  • It's worth a try, although you'd probably need to ensure he's as upright as possible before you give him anything from it.

    We first offered our daughter one at 18 weeks and she took to it fine, she's just over 21 weeks now and drinks from it well. I haven't had any experience of younger babies using them but it'd probably just be worth trying. x
  • It's worth a try if he's refusing a bottle and you feel he needs something - in fact I'm thinking if getting ours out to try dd with as she's hardly taking anything from a sippy cup, but she's 7 months so sitting by herself.

    My son was cup fed in hospital and the midwife sort of sat him on her knee facing her, supporting his neck and head with her left hand and holding the cup in her right hand - seemed to work, but I don't know quite how you'll keep a 12 week olds hands out of the way if he wants to 'help'. I agree he'd have to be sat fairly upright for it to work.

    Lo's who use Doidys though are at an advantage when it comes to using open cups later.
  • We used one from 5 months, it was tough because he hated anything but water in it, and would scream and scream, but at 14 months he is fine with it and can do it by himself. I don't think 3 months is too young, but be prepared to put in lots of work with it. It'll pay off! As the other ladies said, just make sure he's upright. x
  • our wee one used one with meals from five and a half months, she wasn't really sitting then, and as long as I controlled it for her she was fine. I think they're fab, I alternate between them and her sippy cup because she won't try the Doidy herself but can use the sippy cup alone now.
  • on the leaflet that comes with it, it recommends that breastfed babies can try it from 3 months. Hope it works for you
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