Baboddler .........

as a new forum. Tried leaving baby many times but not quite into the potty training that is toddler. Kind of in the middle!


  • Yes, we're at that stage too summer. I actually hang out over in toddler more than baby these days but honestly don't feel like we fit anywhere at the mo xx
  • She will always be your baby, even when she's 35!
  • It's weird but even though mine is only 8 months & not even crawling she seems more like a toddler than a baby - maybe that's cos I have another on the way!
  • we have a boddler!
  • I'm in the boddler crew too, tbh I think thats why I haven't been posting as much also as a lot of the baby posts are repetitve (obv not for the mums who have the small babies) but ykwim I have seen and answered loads to do with bfing sleeping etc etc but like you all say toddler is too old lol
  • Like I said.... Toddy! image
  • Me too. My CM has mentioned to me that LO is very dry during the day and that we should start monitoring when he wets himself and introduce a potty. Hes only started walking!!! I don't know if hes ready if im honest and I wanted to wait untill he could choose his pants potty ect to get him really involved at the get go..maybe its me thats not ready!!

    Maybe he is a toddler and im a bab-mummy!
  • Bring on Baboddler!!!
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