Will I ever get a reasonable nights sleep?? Also in BIO


I go back to work next week (well for 3 KIT days before starting properly)and Logan's sleep is completely messed up! I have no idea what is wrong with him!?

Last night he went off fine at about 7pm and then woke up at 11pm and was very unsettled until 1am. Basically I woud wait until he was crying, pick him up and the second i pick him up he would be asleep on my shoulder so I put him back down and he screamed. Doesn't matter where I put him he still screamed. He is the same during the day all of a sudden too. I have tried waiting a bit longer until he is in a deeper sleep but it doens't work. He does eventually give in but after a long time!!

We had fed him so he wasn't hungry, he was well winded, we had used teething powders cos he has been teething but that didn't make a difference, we used his nose drops to clear his nose (which is STILL snuffly!) and eventually gave him some calpol. None of it helped - eventually he was jsut so tired he flaked out.

Am so worried now about going back to work - I won't survive the day if I have been up all that time - I hadn't even been to sleep yet when he woke up so didn't get to sleep til gone 1am. THen he was up at 4.15am for a feed and then up for the day at 7.30!

Just battled with him now for about 30 mins to get him to nap.

Any ideas of what it could be? He never used to be like this. Am worried I have done something wrong as a parent to make him like this??


Extra info for baby - he has been ill pretty much most of this year! Just a bad cold but has affected his sleep and he ended up in a&e one night becuase he was struggling to breath he was that bunged up.He is still a bit snuffly but nowhere near as bad as he was.Ended up sleeping back in our room in his moses basket. But went back into his cot just fine for a good week or so before this started happening.


  • Hi hun sorry your having such a hard time of it.

    My DD was a great little sleeper UNTIL I went back to work -since then it's been a nightmare & i'm wondering if the change has subcontiously unsettled her.

    I work full time & am afraid to say there have been occasions where i've drove to work in tears cos i've been up all night with her but somehow you get through the day (although not sure what the quality of my work is like lol!!)

    I can sympathise that snuffling does tend to wake them up, have you tried one of those calpol plug ins that release vapour during the night - I found they helped with the mucus build up.

    Also, and I don't know how you would feel about this but have you tried LO with a dummy? Could be just the thing?

  • Hiya,

    I don't have too much advice but wanted to say that by no means are you doing something wrong!

    When you say that he has the snuffles have you tried a nose aspirator (sp!), I have found this to be brilliant with DS when waking in the night with his snuffles. It clears the nose passage and then he sleeps much better, I've alos raised his mattress a little and put a wet flannel on the radiator so when the heating kicks in it moistens the room making it easier for him to breath.

    Also, could it be that he's a little bit cold? I had a bad night with DS a few weeks ago, would be waking up crying, would sleep quite happily on me but as soon as I put him down he was upset again, it turned out he was feeling cold and the warmth of me was warming him up again so I popped another blanket over him and have also put him in a fluffy sleepsuit on colder nights too.

    Another thing, could you pop an item of your clothing that you have worn that day in with him as he may feel more secure if he can smell you which might be why he settles better when on you. I think (don't quote me though!) babies go through a more clingy stage at around 4 months ish so this could be why he's unsettled?

    Does he have a mobile, or toy that plays soothing music that might help settle him too?

    Hope some of this helps you, but remember this is NOT because of something that you are or are not doing - babies all have a manual that they made whilst getting ready to come in to the big wide world but for some reason they always forget to bring it out with them and so mommy and daddy are left guessing image

  • just a thought but have you tried Nurofen? Calpol never does much for DD teething wise, but she seems to benefit from Nurofen? Sounds like he's had a time of it and maybe insecure and unsettled. I would be consistent in your approach, and maybe try some spaced soothing once he's fully better and if it continues....but I bet he just settles down again! xxxxx
  • Thanks ladies for all your replies! Am feeling a bit better about it now but dreading tonight as OH is at work! LO asleep at the moment though.

    Goldengirl - we use the karvol vapouriser and drops. Plus, LO has had a dummy since 2 days old hehe - at the moment he at a frustrating phase where actually he prefers his thumb but it doesn't quite give him enough atisfaction!

    MrsRainbow - Have tried the aspirator but its all at the back of nose so it doesn't make much of a difference! Haven't tried the wet flannel though - may be an idea!

    As for him being cold - we actually thought the opposite lol!! The other night we actually took his sleeping bag off him as we thought he might be too hot and just put a thin blanket over him.

    I may try keeping a muslin cloth with me for the smell - he seems to enjoy holding them. And we have a mobile but it excites him too much haha!

    Tennison - Will have a go at nurofen!

    Thanks again ladies - every day does seem to be getting better and I wouldn't be as bothered if my start date wasn't getting so close!!Fingers crossed that we can go back to what he was like before CHristmas - waking once for a feed and back down after 20 mins! BLISS!!

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