Hi all,

Am going to give kamillosan a go as lansinoh annoys me by being too hard to get out of the dang tube! I never remember to warm it before I need it. So thought I'd try the alternative and my mum said how great this stuff was and how she used it with me and my two sisters,

But, do you have to wipe it off before the next feed? Cos that's the one thing I like about lansinoh, especially when he feeds constantly, there's no time to put it on then wipe it off before he feeds again!



  • Went to their webiste, and yup you have to clean it off, bummer, may keep it to use as nappy cream should I eve use it, plus it stinks, I forgot I hate chamomile!

    Once lansinoh is out of the tube I warm it between my fingers before I rub it Om and it goes on fine, but I can't remember to use it often enough to be effective, am so crap at remembering to use medication type stuff! I'd be no good with an addiction!

    May hunt down the avert stuff next time I head into town
  • breastmilk is the best nipple cream...works wonders. i can't use most npple creams as i'm allergic to lanolin (bummer!) and the ones that are lanolin fee u need to wash off each time, and i cba lol. also putting a small dab of vaseline in the centre of ur breastpad really helps to prevent them getting stuck and sore. xx
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