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Baby rubbing face, eyes, nose and head

Hi ladies,

My little one is 6 months, and recently, when I'm trying to get her to sleep, she has been rubbing her eyes, nose, face and the side of her head.

Any ideas why? Justtiredness? I know when I am tired I rub my face a lot, so it's maybe a family trait?

I wondered if it was maybe her teeth? I've heard it can give them sore ears, so maybe that's why she is rubbing the side of her face?.

Just want to make sure its nothing I should be worrying about

Thanks ladies xxx


  • eye rubbing is a classic tired sign. I know we'll have a major overtired meltdown if I see her do it and don't put her down!

    Have you noticed a pattern to the behaviour (ie does she do it when it's likely she's tired etc) or has it only started just suddenly?The best thing to do it to watch when she does it to see if you can establish a pattern. The other thing that it could be is a cold / irritation. My dd rubs her nose when she's getting a cold and has also had conjunctivitis, I noticed that the rubbing increased because her eyes were irritating her.
  • Jason does this when he is tired. But he also has excema on his face and when he is hot it itches and he goes wild rubbing his face. He also does it if he has food on his face which I think must irritate his skin.
  • My LO is nearly 8 months and has been doing this for months. It's a sure way for me to tell that he is tired. He also, like faithieuks LO has eczema on his face and he rubs away at his face if it's irritating him but more often than not he does it because he it tired. x
  • Thanks ladies. I don't think I was clear in my post - she always rubs her face when she is tired, but today she is rubbing her nose, and then up the sides of her head, above ears.

    Think I'll just keep an eye on it, she's really grumpy today, like something is bothering her xxx
  • Yep Sophia does this even when not tired, just one hand generally, even when I give her a bottle, she'll have her fist clenched and will rub the bottle! She rubs her ears and side of her head too but although her ears are a little waxy she is never in pain. I think it might be a comfort thing? xxx
  • my lo is 6 months and he always rubs his ears, face and head (well as far as he can reach image ) when he is tired. In fact thinking about it so did my twins who are now almost 5.

  • my baby z 5 months old and always rubs his nose when he sleeps,why it so?people say their bone is it may damage  his it correct


  • my baby are 9 months old & he has a itching on his eyes & nose.i am very worried about that please tell me something about that .

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