Going from Breast to bottle

Any new mums out there trying to (or just moved from) breast to bottle?

We'd love to hear how you are getting on or go on!

Please mail me at [email protected]



  • Jack was sick about 3 weeks ago, didn't feed at all for 3 days, and when he got better he refused the breast, but took the bottle with no bother!
  • Had you been thinking about using the bottle or tried before?
  • I had used it once a day before, but hadn't intended to put him on completely just yet.  Probably not what you are looking for, I just thought I'd share it anyway.  You can let me know.
  • I'm writing about how to help babies get used to the different teat, so if you can tell me a bit about how you'd tried before that'd be fab. I take it he wasn't keen before he was ill? Do you think he found the bottle too different to the breast? It's interesting how illness made the change for him - do you think he was so happy to feel well he just fed away, not thinking 'argh it's a bottle!'?
  • previous to his sickness, he wasn't overly keen on the bottle, and , even though he was up during the night looking fed, he WOULD NOT take the bottle during the night, but would take some of it during the day.  He was almost 10 months when he went off me, and i was back to work at weekends, and his dad found him pining for me.

    As for getting him to take the bottle in the first place, I had to hold him close to me, and he would not take it for anyone else for the first 2 or so months.

    When he was well enough to feed after his sickness, I think he still had a bit of a sore throat, so possibley the bottle was easier for him to take.

  • Well I'm glad you got there in the end!

    how old is he now? I'd like to try and use your comment, but I'd need a picture of you and Jack, if you have one you can email?

    My email's [email protected] or if you have one on your phone I could text you so you can text it over

  • He will be 11 months old on the 18th of this month. 
  • Fab! Deffo want to use your comment. Can you email me a pic and your details (surname and where you're from)? I'm on [email protected]

    Thanks Audredy image

  • I have a good photo on my phone - Pm me your number and I'll send it to you.  Do I need to put any message with it or just send the photo on it's own?
  • I'm desperately trying to get my eight month old daughter to take a bottle after being solely breast fed, as she is starting to get her teeth and keeps biting me.

     Can any one give me some advice as i'm at my wits end (and very sore), she just keeps on refusing to take the bottle and i don't know what to do.

  • have you tried a drinking cup?  my children never liked the non-drip ones, as they had to suck harder, but the ones that will spill out if tipped over are good. 

    give her a bottle (with very little in it) after her breast feeds and let her hold it and chew on it, and she will get used to it.  i had to do that with 2 of my children.

  • Alice is bottle and breastfed (she needs a prem baby formula after each BF to top up). NUK teats are the best to help work WITH BFing. it promotes open mouth and tongue forward. We do need to say "bot bot" if she is sleepy because she will suck too hard and then GAG when the milk from the bottle  at full speed. So when we say that she knows to be more gentle with sucking....my girl is smart ♥

  • Has anyone got any advice I am trying to move my 71/2 month old daughter onto a bottle in preperation for returning to work but she hates it.  I have breastfed up until now but did give her the occasional bottle of expressed milk up until she was about 4 months which she used to take okay. I then got a bit lazy and and soley breastfed over the summer and when I came to try her with a bottle again just after she was six months she went bananas!

    I have tried a few things:

    1) used different types of bottle

    2) tried at different times of the day

    3) tried to get someone else to feed her

    4) tried to feed her in different positions and even while walking around with her

    5) tried using expressed milk and formula

    6) tried using a sippy cup (which she has the odd mouthful of but wont drink any more than that) - have had more success with just plain water in it.

    I am desperate for any help at all -  she gets so upset if you try to put a teat in her mouth (at best she might play with it for a bit before screaming her head off).

     I feel  so bad trying to do this but I really have to get her to take something else  - please help!


    P.S. I dont think she likes the taste of the formula I have been using (hipp organic) can anyone recommend a better tasting variety?

  • I have breastfed all 5 of my children but number 4 (who's now 3) was a nightmare to stop breastfeeding!

    He wouldn't have a bottle, beaker, cup (number 2 and 3 went on to a doidy cup at 6 months) or anything.

    I ended up going cold turkey at 25 months and it took 3 days of crying but he got the message and had his sippy cup in the end!

    My problem was that he comfort-nursed.
    If he hurt himself, was tired etc. it was just so easy to give him a breastfeed.

    For the biting, I just used a finger to break suction and took him off for a minute every time he bit, he soon stopped. and I used nipple shields until the soreness went.

    As for what milk to try them on for a bottle/beaker, just express to start with.

    I've given number 5 a bottle of formula every few days since she was about 8 weeks old. I've still (at 9 months) got her on slow flow teat as I've found that if they have bigger teat, they end up refusing the breast as it's harder work!
    Now she'll have a bottle of formula or breast so it's a bit easier for me.
  • my son is 17 weeks he is exclusively breastfed

    He has had one bottle of expressed milk not sure if is this will help you but i have the breastflow bottles they have double teats which need the suction and compression to work he was fine and even  took the bottle off me. he didn't seem bothered at all and went straight back to the breast afterwards. you can also use the bottles without the inner teat to get them used just sucking for a drink

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