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I'm having my daughter, Amanda, christened at the end of the year (i know, I like to be organised for things!!) and I wanted to send out some christening invites... what's the general opinion on this??

It seems to me like a good way to keep track of who I've invited i think... now the dilemma is ... where to buy my cards?!

A friend of mine suggested putting Amanda's picture on them, which I thought would be nice as a keepsake? Can anyone suggest anywhere I could do this?


Sarah xxx


  • make your own, honey, it's not hard, i just made all mine and didn't take long (good thing with a baby to look after). go to craft shop or order at hobbycraft online.

    get some prefolded cards and envelopes, eg box of 100 for £7.99. get 2 pieces of suitable card or nice wrapping paper in  pink or something different. about 50p each. mine were pale blue gingham and one with little pictures of a washing line with baby stuff on.from a craft shop. or print out baby pics about passport photo size.

    cut one paper into squares about passport photo size if not using actual photo,  cut other paper into squares that fit onto your cards with an inch gap top and bottom. get double sided sticky tape (!) £2 for 10 rolls and stick big square onto card then little square over the side at an angle. get little bows or something from craft shop, mine were made by lady in shop for 10p each, and stick on little squares.

     get silver pen and write Christening Invitation on the front, i did christening above the squares and invitation below.

    print out invitation words and stick inside with pritt stick.

    maybe do this when baby is not sitting on your lap trying to help you with the glue! xxx

    can do it all for less than £15 easy (50 cards).

  • Wow Jude! Thanks for your message! so so helpful! Sorry I've only just seen it, been busy busy! So I still havent found any cards yet , I like the idea of hand making them... just really not sure if i have the patience image Yours do sounds lovely though!! xxx
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