Horrible first day at Nursery!

My DS is 10 months old and had his first day at Nursery today and apparently was tearful on and off for most of the time! I was also very tearful at the thought of leaving him! Please tell me it gets better? :cry:


  • it does get better,DS1 he was ok the first few weeks and then it sunk in and when i took him to nursery he would sob and sob,it broke my heart but as the days went by,i kinda got used to it and toughened up a bit but about 2wks he was fine and now he loves nursery,if hes slow at eatin his breakfast i tell him,hes not going,he never eats as quick :lol: dont worry
  • My little one is 12 months and started nursery 2 days a week on 14 April. So far she's been 5 times and it is getting better.

    She cried on and off all day for day 1. Day 2 - 3 she cried on drop off and pick up. Day 4 she cried on drop off but not pick up and today, day 5 she whimpered on drop off and was fine on pick up - all be it pointed at the door to tell me to hightail it out of there.

    I think it takes time but it is really hard. I phoned the nursery for the first few days (after lunch) to see how it was going and they were really reassuring. Now I'm practically running to pick her up but I know there will be a time in the near future when she really loves nursery.
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