How is every1?

Well the title says it all lol, How is every1?

 Am new here, jst tryin 2 make some friends x


  • Well hello Emma,welcome to the siteimage

    I'm Rach,33, mum to Tom,3,and Jc,2,and 12 weeks pregnant. Hope to chat soon x x

  • Aww congrats on the new baby hunimage. I have a 6month old wee boy

     How r u feeling wi this pregnancy hun?x

  • Very well at the mo hun,thanks,which is unsual!!! Aw six months old,busy time for you! Have you started weaning yet? My fave time,love preparing weird and wonderful concoctions!!!!!I was very lucky,a relative bought me a hand held blender braun one I think,best present ever,got the puree's so smooth!!!!
  • Yeah hun started weanin him at 5 months, so much fun i love it, wat a mess he gets in sometimes, so cute tho.

    wen u due ur bby hun?x

  • Dec-that's about a week after our eldest is 4 !!!!! Mad busy month with xmas too ha ha!!!

    Oh you can get some great pictures with gunge all over them eh? Sadly Jc my youngest still gets in a state!!!! He shovels it in-piggy !!!!!

  • Yeah i have some lovely pics off levi in a state lol, good 1s 2 show wen hes older lol

     Chrismas is a busy time 4 me 2, levi was born on xmas eve, so got to get bday prezzys and xmas prezzys lol x

  • Aw bless him,all those pressies in 2 days! d'ya think you'll have any more hun?
  • Yeh we want more hun, bt nt for a wee while yet, want to enjoy levi 1st x

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