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Baby vitiman drops & peanut oil

My daughter is 6 months and still breastfed. HV said we both needed vits and to get her vit drops. I bought some today (Advec - sp!!) gave them to her and didn't really think about the ingredients it is age suitable. Anyway she was unsettled and didn't really feed properly after then was reading the ingredients and it says it contains peanut oil! Can't believe they can put peanut oil in something meant for a baby of such a young age. I didn't see any alternatives on the shelf but hubby has a severe nut allergy so I am worrying now and checking on her constantly. Can anyone suggest any alternatives?? image


  • why on earth would you need vit drops? Have you started weaning? my lo never had a vitamin drop and the only milk he has ever had is breastmilk,and he's as healthy as the day is long (what did humans do before vit. drops - and we're still here) she's scaremongering. Sorry, I don't mean to come across horrible, I just hate all these things that make formula milk seem superior to bm as this seems to be the underlying issue when hv's suggest these things, and I am no doctor (I am peer supporter trained) so if you feel better finding nut free ones then go for it, but just giving you a different viewpoint.
  • Jelly tots THANK YOU!!! Do you know I said this to HV and she was so insistant and being a first time mum I just did as I was told but I was standing in the supermarket thinking why does she need these I give her a really healthy diet, HV said something to do with Iron deficiency being really common amongst BF babies when weaning. I think I might just throw them away! She told me to take them too my diet is full of fruit and veg and I am very healthy. I don't understand this stuff sometimes!
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