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A few q's about milk and sterilising

Hi all

I usually post in BIM10 but that forum doesn't seem to be occupied much lately so thought I would try my luck in here.

My Lo has just turned 1 (where does the time go!?!??) and I have a few questions I would like to get your views on.

1)When can you stop sterilising bottles?

2)Should all formula feeds now be replaced with cows milk?

3)What age should milk feeds be from a cup / beaker? LO drink his water from a beaker throughout the day - should I also be giving milk in a beaker as well.

4) Is it normal for 1yr old to increase milk feeds in the evening? LO used to have a 6oz bottle before going to bed but lately he has started screaming when this is finished. The only thing that will pacify him has been more milk, therefore I have increased his last bottle to 8oz ( as well as giving him a snack about 5.30pm)

He currently has a 6oz bottle in the morning, 4oz in the afternoon and 8oz at bedtime- as well as 3 meals plus snacks. Does this sound about right?

I would welcome any responses - even if you can only offer advice on some of the questions, that would be great.

Thanks in advance, NTT xx


  • I was told to sterilize bottles up to a year which i did. My LO wasn't wild about cows milk straight away so i gave him 1yr plus milk until very recently (he was born feb 10) He still has his milk in a bottle - i know people are will probably think i'm a terrible mother for allowing this but it's only his milk and he has all his other drinks in a cup (i've foudn the amadeus 360 toddler cups to be great)

    My son has a 7oz in the eve and 7 in the morning, he has 3 meals plus snacks and drinks water and juice through the day. If milk helps your baby to sleep then i don't see how giving it to him can be a bad thing, every baby is different in the amounts they need.

  • Thank you for your responses ladies- it has helped a lot ;o)

    Mildred81 - I agree with the 360 cups, they are fab aren't they? My LO has his water from these during the day without any fuss or leaks. I'm hoping to start giving him his daytime milk in it from this weekend.

    I have heard that lots of babies drink their daytime milf from beakers but still have night feeds in a bottle, which I don't mind.

    Thanks again NTTxx
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