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7month old sleeping problems advice needed

sleeping seems to be getting worse and worse.

before he used to self settle day and night time for his sleeps, he would only go for two 30min naps during the day, but that was fine, he also slept through the night.

Now the past 3 months he has stopped self settling during the day, nighttime is a hit or miss if he will go down on his own or if i have to stand next to the cot.

He now wakes up 2 times a night which used to be for a feed again i was ok with this, but now he is getting his 3 meals a day so shouldnt really need the night feeds, and is using it to soothe back to sleep so im trying to fix that, but he will also have nights where he just wont go back to sleep for hours, last night i was up 0030-0130 then 5am - 7am. other nights he will go to bed at 7pm and sleep through till 4am,

im totally at my wits end with it now, where has my darling happy sleephead boy gone, all the other babies at the groups say they sleep through is it just me with these problems? he is turning 7months this week, will this ever stop?

i just dont know which problem to tackle first ? (i know sometimes it maybe teething he has 2 teeth but this is going on for 3 months now i need to get it sorted)

has anyone gone through this? does it get better what should i do?



  • My LO was always really terribe at sleeping and still needs a cuddle and a feed to get to sleep but at around 6 months the same thing happened as with your little boy. She started waking more and more and would feed and then go back to sleep. Sometimes she'd only take a few sucks so i knew that the feeding was for comfort rather than hunger.

    I came to the conclusion that she had just learned a way to get into our bed, so much as it pained me to do it, I made sure she was clean and changed and fed and then absolutely refused to lift her out of the cot between the hours of 12 and 6. Then i extended it and things improved pretty quickly. She'll settle herself back to sleep now if she wakes in the night....usually.

    It was traumatic though, she cried for 2 hours the first night, then a little less each time. It took about 5 days until she got the message.

    Good look.
  • We still have the random nights as well. One night she slept from 7.30 to 5am but the next night she was back up again at 10.30pm! I never have 2 nights the same but when she does wake she is always hungry even though she eats the same thing each day, i guess sometimes she just feels hungrier than others! I have got into a terrible habit of bringing her into bed in the early morning (anything after 4.30am)for a feed because i worry that i wont get her to settle again in her cot - which is silly as i have never tried. I just assume that because it is so light she wont go back even though she will usually sleep for up to another 2 hours if she comes in with me.

    I know that i havent given any advice as such but wanted you to know that not everyone in the group has a baby that sleeps through yet xx
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