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Amber teething necklaces / anklet

so wondering if they do work or not and if anyone has any good sites that you can buy them from where they dont cost a fortune?

i was thinking of an anklet for my son, but also wondered that your meant to remove them at night although that is when the pain occurs the most, what does everyone do?


  • I had mine from Dino Daisy and it wasn't that expensive. She is on Facebook. I'm not convinced that it actually worked though as even with it on my dd still suffered lots with teething. i used it for her second tooth and she cut four teeth at once in March without the anklet, there wasn't much difference between the amount of pain she had with both. It's now somewhere in the back of a drawer. Its very pretty though so I might have it for myself!
  • I also got my anklet from Dino Daisy, I'm not sure if it did anything for my DD as she was awful cutting her first two teeth (they came together and we haven't had any more yet).

    I keep the anklet on at night as obviously she wears a sleepsuit over it, so she can't take it off or anything.

  • Hi

    I was told that the only ones that actually work are the ones made of natural amber (it is a natural substance coming from extinguished species of trees' resin - there is a limited amount, that's why it is expensive). The cheaper ones are sometimes made with "manufactured" amber (Man made with any tree resin) and I was told these don't work. It's difficult to know to be honest, because you just don't know how much worse it would be without it... You aren't meant to remove them at all, if he is wearing all in one PJs he shouldn't be able to remove it. xxx
  • i got mine from ebay i think, it was a long while ago, it vastly reduced dribble! or did for us and we could tell if he'd not worn it in a while! we got a necklace which we wrapped around his ankle at night, sadly its gone awol, so i need to get another really x
  • My ds has been wearing his dino daisy anklet 24/7 (except for baths and swimming) since 4 months- he's now 13 months. It works miracles on his dribbling and general mood. He STILL only has 2 teeth, we didn't even know the first one was on it's way until it appeared and the second co-insided with an ear infection so not really sure how well it helped then x
  • i also found it helped with dribbling a lot, although DD still suffered terribly with all her teeth. we got it from xxx
  • we got ours from dinodaisy... from her fb page x
  • We also got ours from little acorns.

    I used to wrap it round Sebastien's ankle when he was younger but it always fell off, now I leave it on all day every day.

    We've been quite lucky I think, no real problems.

  • We also got our teething anklet for our little man from DinoDaisy.

    He generally has always been pretty good when teething (is 13months and has 6 teeth) but I don't know if that was due to the anklet or not :P

    We only take his off when he has a bath.

  • another dino daisy lover here!

    the adjustable anklets are brill cos it means they grow with baby
  • We bough our from here Amber For Babies

    But 1stly we bought regular one polished one, but than my Lithuanin friend recommended to get raw(unpolished) necklace. So we bough 2nd one and that one helps! Not 100%, but for sure my baby teething is easier now.

  • Dino Daisy have recalled teething necklaces & bracelets - check out website for more details!

  • Still lots of stores sell it. Here is what LOCAL shop owner replied for this:

    "Seems very strange

    As i have a "bricks n mortar" shop i get random visits by trading standards to check on what i am selling
    The most recent one was only last week and no mention was made of my display of amber teething necklaces
    makes me wonder whether someone has approached their local trading standards with a query ...."  

  • For those who have the teething necklaces for their little one...did you guys get the lighter in color ones?  Did you base your decision on the gender of your child, as to which color you purchased?  I have a little boy, and the darker cherry one seems more appealing to me, but I've come across some reviews that the lighter the better the oils secrete into the body...any recommendations?

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