Feeds take over an hour!

Hi can anyone help my LO is 10 weeks old and I breastfeed. Feeds take an hour and he's hungry again after 45-60 minutes later.  I found that i cut the feed short, say 30 mins, he;s hungry again within 30 mins!!  He's gaining about 7 ounces a week and does a poo a day and has wet nappies. He's alert and smiles loads.  He feeds non stop between 7-10pm then sleeps through to around 3am.

 What I'd like to know is is anyone else having or had the same feed pattern and if so when did your LO feed shorter and go longer between feeds?

 Many thanks for your help image


  • That is completely normal for a breastfed baby.  I remember the constant evening feeding well. 

    Listen to your baby while he's feeding.  Is he swallowing, or just using you as a dummy?  If he has stopped swallowing, take him off.

  • I'm glad it's not just me!! I was told by a breastfeeding advisor to try and get him to feed every 3 hours(!) - not a chance! My worry is that he's hungrier than I can give him milk for.

    We're giving him a bottle of expressed milk after his final feed at about 11pm and this keeps him going until about 3.30am but then he's up again hungry at 6am.

    He also gets a lot of wind which makes him scream for most of the day so he's on double dose of Infacol as well as gripe water.

    The HV told me this morning that i could try giving him a top-up bottle of formula every 4 hours but I'd rather not unless I have to but I don't want to deny my son the extra if that's what he needs

  • Agree with Audrey12.

    Ds1 was like this too, didnt really settle down until we started weaning at 6months, althoug some days were better than others in that he started to go slightly longer between feeds on some days.  My midwife told me I was spoiling him by letting him feed for that long but she was very old school!

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