A new pram

Hi! i am writing on this nice forum to ask for some help. I found a very nice pushchair for my twins, it's a Graco Duosport Midnight and it looks it is at a very low price here:


 the price is surprisingly good, so I am not sure....anybody knows the product? Is it good? Worth the money?

 Any help more than appreciated!




  • Hiimage being a huge pram tart,I owned one very very similar,the mothercare duolite,and I have to say it was a very good purchase.

    Not that wide,managed to get in shops, lifts etc..... and having the boys close together was good,I often thought they would squabble as virtually  sitting right next to one another(as opposed to say maclaren twin techno where material panel seperates them) but they never did,I loved mineimage shopping basket large an easy to get to also!!!!!

  • Hi Felicity,me again pram tart,yes fantastic,I have one of these too!!!!!!!

    These are excellent,forward or rear facing,mine came with nightstand so you can transfer carry cot upstairs if baby sleeping etc..... such a roomy pushchair too. 1 problem,it's a beast,fairly wide and fairly heavy,I owned an estate car at the time,and had no bother getting it in boot,have kept it for new arrival due Dec,but doubt I'll fit it into this car!!!!! Silvercross make gorgeous very well designed prams,I love mine,although I went for linear rather than classic,as I'm short the classic was a wee bit bigger for me!!! If I had to score the pram out of 10 I'd give it 9!!!!image

  • Hi.....can anyone help me?? Saw the perfect pram at the weekend but I don't know what make it is. It looked like a travel system with the car seat attached to the chassis. It was a 4 wheeler and had 'Palex' or 'Polex' on the side of the chassis. Does anyone know which pram this is?? I didn't have time to stop the lady and ask her!! Thanks
  • ooh no,will have to research!!!
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