Plant a tree for your baby!


Hi mums,

I heard about this and thought it was a lovely idea! I've already popped it on ThinkBaby but thought some MFM mums might like it too!

Conservation company Twig, has launched a "Maternitrees" campaign to encourage famlies to plant a tree to celebrate the birth of their new baby. More info is on as well as tips on planting your trees!

A great way to celebrate and help the environment and we'd love to see the pics of your little ones and their trees so don't forget to post them up here!



  • We got one for each of our girls. Our local council (Hull City Council) give the hospitals leaflets & you get one once your baby is born. You can take them to the park & collect you tree (5 different types) to plant where you like or they will plant one for you & tell you where it is so you can go & see it. We thought it is a lovely idea too.

    Sym ;0)

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