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Update on little Alice

So my little dink is 21 weeks and 2 days old. nearly 5 months!
As some of you may know my little pickle came into the world 10 weeks early. 8 weeks and 4 days in NICU.  60 long days.
 Her heart is now working as it should, no more heart meds. She gets 4 month heart scans to check but all is going well!

She is now, well on monday was 8lb 11.5 oz

She is still BF but has to have prem baby formula to bulk up. Its great that she does breast and bottle!
She has always had fantastic head control, smiles, coos and "talks" to us. She also says her version of "hello". She also can hold her head up and up on her arms during tummy time ♥



  • She looks great, you must be really pleased with her progress! X
  • Oh Corrinne she is gorgeous! And coming along fantastically! Was just thinking last night I need to see Baby Alice!!!! Oh beautiful x you and Adam must be so proud x
  • are you not on my FB? I have new videos up of her and everything

    She is lovely! a real delight! what a little miracle! I hardly rememeber the hospital stay now! I dont like to think about it really, it upsets me so much to think of her all teeny tiny and in a plastic box. awww poor little dink


  • No I'm a fb virgin hun!!!!! No don't think back,look forward,bet you can't remember not having her in your life!  What a pretty little dink she is!image More photos when you have time pretty please!!!!
  • I will post some more tomorrow, promise image xxx
  • Lovely to see Alice is doing so well Corrinne.

  • she's still so tiny!  glad she's doing well - you've done well too.
  • pics from the last couple of weeks

    30th August 2010 (22 weeks old)

    She is such a happy child...when she isnt hungry, windy or tired hahaha

  • Awwwwwwimage so so sweet,love the last one,so contented x

    Is it me looking for features or is Alice more like Adam? Obviously she is BEAUTIFUL but I can't see you hun! Sorry!!!

    What a lovely set of pics,thanks for sharing x x

  • Alice is gorgeous Corrinne.Can't believe she's 5 months.She's too cuteimage
  • No, its ok! you are right! she really goes look like Adam!

    She does look like me from time to time, like when she smiles...or goes to cry! but mainly she looks like him!

    I know! 5 months old! where does the time go? time for another one! if only my period would sort itself out!

    when she was 12 weeks old I had my period...27 days another one...then 31 days...and this time...14 days!!! seriously! xxx

  • Have a chat with gp hun,but I'm sure they'll advise leaving it and sorting itself out,not much fun for you though,never knowing when witch will show.

    Wouldn't worry she may go more like you later,my 2 were spit of their dad,now Tom is a little more like me,well my side of family,he has a right angry face,looks spit of my bro when I used to wind him up!!!!image

    Hope you are keeping well apart from periods all over shop hun x

  • She has my temper....hahaha that is for sure!

     Im good, she continues to sleep though the night...apart from the other night when she though 1:30 was a great time to play until 4 in the morning. thankfully adam took her downstairs as I nearly had a FIT!
    I know, im selfish. I still think sleep is my right!

    She normally goes down at 10:30 or 11:45 and goes until 6:30-7ish which is LUSH!

    we went to an NICU meet up today. great fun!

    Here is Alice with Max and Ruby...Alice looking totally like her father!

    Tummy time is still getting good. she is so so strong! not bad for the body of 12 week old!

    and just because I love this pic, taken on the 29th August (21 weeks and 6 days old)

  • That last photo is Adam!!!!!!!!!

    Oh she is lovely,and yes total daddy! Tummy time very good,Corrinne Jc was older than Alice when he began with proper tummy time-and he was on time and over 9lb!!! She's doing fantastically!!!!!image

    She is doing well sleeping,that's great! Oh I'm the same love my sleep!!!

  • haha you sound like someone who knows and who has met adam hahaha
    She really is the spitting image of him, even when she was born she looked like him and when she yawns, even more so!!!
    Her tummy time is great, she gets so high up! I did it twice today, this morning and this evening. I always wait for her to cry. This evening she was up for ages, then got lower and lower and lower and then face on mat...I waited...she got back up again!! but then SPLAT and cried so cuddled her. I love how when she does it, I get down on the floor and she smiles, talks and coos at me. so so friggin cute! I love my little grrl so so much ♥♥♥

    This evening we did our normal routine of BF and a bottle top up (took 100mils) and around 8 she got I kept her entertained...not to make her happy but me tonight haha! and then 9ish she had another BF, another full bottle top up and by 10:30 in bed. BLISS!
    Adam should be home in 30 minutes (he working 4-midnight) and then we can go to bed. Going uptown to buy some new NUK teats and I think im allowed to splash out and buy myself some new jeans. I can get into my pre-pregnancy jeans but cant do them up! its one of two hips...or my stomach im still wearing maternity jeans that are far too big for time to go shopping. YAY! spending money! ♥♥♥


  • Hi hope you enjoyed your spends!!!

    Wow Alice is feeding well,that's great. Her tummy time sounds like it's going very well. I splashed out(well needed it aswell) got a new toddler bed ordered ready for us to convert cotbed back for baby,it was cheaper to do it this way! New mattress for bubba too,love baby shopping!!!!

    A very genorous friend has bought me a new steriliser too,I'm so lucky x !!image

  • awww you are pregnant?!? I cant wait to be pregnant again! I LOVED being pregnant! I loved how big my bump was the morning before my waters went! it was huge and i was so excited to it getting even bigger. DOH!

    maybe next time eh?!?

    I didnt get jeans, Monday is "us" shopping. splashed out on MORE clothes for Alice. this girl is spoilt!
    We had fun out and about in the moby today. I ♥ Moby

  • Yeah,26weeks so lucky was trying for what seemed an eternity,but actually was only 17mths,but forever as those that are ttc know!

    Cant say I love it,much prefer them when they're here,but I'm not moaning,cos I feel so blessed to actualy be pregnant! I'm huge now,3 people have asked if I'm due Sept???image Jc was large but not THAT big,maybe this one is!!!!

    Jeans will come hun x

  • well, ive heard after the 1st baby and so on and so forth the uterus gets bigger faster because it knows what its doing.
    We are going shopping tomorrow ♥ I want to get her a red knitted dress for christmas, some more NUK teats, order her another "taggy ling ling" and buy myself some jeans ♥ Spending money spending money traa la la lah!


  • Enjoy the spending hun!!!!! You sound like me,I grin when I'm shopping!!!! Prob cos it's not my money I'm spending it's his!!!!!image

    Awww red knitted dress sounds cute for christmas! Get her some funky tights too!!!!!

    Yes I heard that but has something to do with the fact I'm chubby anyway!!!!!! Don't mind this time,looking pregnant sooner,saves people thinking I've been bingeing on cake!!!!

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