Help im having Twins

Hi everyone, My name is Dottie and i come to you for help and advice i have a almost two yr old daughter and i have just been told i am to have twins in march, As for most this is a shock as it was for, but now im getting over that i just need some advice on what to eat what not to eat what stroller to buy etc any info or help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Dottie


  • hiya!

    welcome to mfm, im laura mum to jack 3 and lola 20mnths.

    ive had a fair few double buggies in the past year or so, so what are you after, small fold? carrycots? travel system, city or country life??

    oh and congratulations xxxx

  • Hi laura thanks so much for your reply and your congrats image i tell ya ive gone all out on the pram/buggy ive gone for the icandy peach blossom ? have you come across that one im informed its brilliant ?
  • i had the icandy pear, i loved it soooo much, my favourite ever buggy! image
  • Hi, I'm the Mum of 4 year old twins.  I suggest you join Tamba - its been invaluable to me.  They evaluate all the twin buggies available.  Also on their site, you'll find a link to your local twins group.  I'd suggest you get in touch with them and go along to some meetings for advice and support.  Again, these really helped me.  Good Luck! 
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