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silly question....weaning and how much?

Hi everyone,

sorry if this comes across as a silly question...

My lo is now nearly six months, I started weaning at around 5 months. He is a big baby and a hungry boy but has had problems with reflux so doesnt really love his milk so much but loves his food!

I'm really not sure how much I should be giving him as sometimes (most times) if i kept spooning it in he'd keep eating. He does show signs he is full sometimes so do i just feed till hes full?? but sometimes I just stop feeding cause i think he would have stomach pains if i kept feeding him....

at present he has around 4 icecubes of food plus an ounce of milk or rice added in..if he still wants more i make up about 3 'icecube' portion of milkyrice...think i may have overdone it this evening as his stomach looked too full?...i dont know


  • we used cubes and added another when he regularly ate it all, if you dont want to give him more have you thought about adding pudding? fruit purees and babyrice, maybe yogurt or fromage frai? also might be worth thinking about giving him finger foods to try?

    we weaned from just before 5 months and by six months we had breakfast, lunch and pudding and dinner and puddding as well as his usual bottles, 5 i think it was at that time,

    if hes not uncomfy or sick i would think you arnt overfeeding him x
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