Baby Massage Tips

Baby massage has been a tradition in many communities for centuries. It is believed that regular massage help preemies to gain weight; reduce colic in infants and strengthen immune systems of babies. Besides all these benefits, it a pleasure for moms to caress the delicate, soft and tender skin of their newborns and cuddle them. Massage should be given to newborns midway between feedings.


  • we did massage with my youngest as he had really bad colic. we were shown how to massage his tummy in a way that would move the trapped gas.  and it worked wonders!  it also allowed me to have some special time with him too, as i had to stop breastfeeding him quite suddenly (i caught pneumonia when he was 6weeks) and i wasnt able to go back to feeding him myself.  It really used to settle him after bathtime too, in fact he is now 3 and he still likes getting his tummy and his legs massaged when he is feeling sleepy!
  • i attended a baby massage class, it was brilliant and had jack sleeping through very young as id massage him after his bath before his bedtime feed.
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