Jack and Holly's Christmas Countdown?

Just saw an article online about a new Pre School Educative DVD called Jack and Hollys Christmas countdown. ! Has anyone got a copy, would love to get some feedback on it as im looking to buy it for my nephew for christmas image Saw some videos online and it looks great!





  • Yes I have it's fab. Paid £9.99 for it on Amazon only for it to be put on special offer (£6.99) a day later (grrrr...)

    Great animation. Really different and the twins really love it. Although I do limit then to three eps a night... (each episode is 5 minutes) More suited to bedtime viewing.. calms them down before wash time. Can't recommend highly enough, Very educative, entertaining and strangely old fashioned in some respects.

    Also bought the new Charlie and Lola DVD - very good but not as good as last years Christmas one: Charlie and Lola, Vol. 6: How Many Minutes Until Christmas (or was it the year before??? image How time flies?
  • It's great...  heard an interview on a BBC Breakfast programme with the programme makers - checked out their website (which has clips) and it hasn't been off our telly for the past two weeks.

    We're a bi-lingual family so it's a shame it's only in english (would like to switch languages...) but the animation and 'old school' approach to early learning really works for me and the children who LOVE the main characters (jack and holly)

    Really like that the ten episodes are five minutes each so it's easy to limit how much they watch at any one time. Rate highly. Good purchase.

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