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hi iv just joined this website, im a new mum and reading all of you ladies chat is exactly how my baby is. She cries a lot an when i try and put her down for the night she looks like she is tying to box with her arms and she kicks her legs out. I find she settles a little bit better when i let her rest on my chest but i know you shouldnt do this but im desperate for some sleep, im averageing about 3 hous a night im shattered, x


  • Hiya. My boy really struggled with wind when he was new. I had to cuddle him to sleep on my chest as being upright like that was the only way he could fall asleep. We then had to really gently sneak him into his crib without waking him. As his wind issues got better he was more comfy on his back, and will now go in his crib awake at night (still have to cuddle him to sleep in the day though!). He's 11 weeks now. Hope this reassures you a bit. xxx
  • hello and welcome

    how old is your LO? it could be many reasons, might be worth seeing your gp or healthvisitor if shes any good to rule out colic or reflux, colief is fantastic for colic, if its trapped wind which often stops them from laying flat there are a few meds you can get for that, also elevating the cot, we had a wedge matteress for ds which helped,

    My youngest is nearly 20 weeks and i'm still waiting for more than a few hours at a time! but thats early teething for you! :roll:
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