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hi my daughter was born earlier this year 10 weeks early and only weighing 2lb 4oz. i'd love for parents of premature babies to get in touch as i havent met any1 with prem babie and it would be nice to have some1 to ask questions. xxx


  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby.   all of my babies were overdue (I have 4 children) so can't answer any questions on  premature babies, just wanted to congratulate you.
  • hiya my son and daughter were both born very premature. my son was born at 26 weeks weighing 776 grams and my daughter at 27 weeks weighing 590 grams. They were so tiny when they were born but are now doing very well. I have been there twice so hopefully i can answer your questions!
  • My Alice came 10 weeks early, March 29th 2010. she was 2lbs10.5oz!

    She is now just over 7 months and at least 12 lbs!
    She is BF too (but has to have bottle top ups!)

     She does tummy time, she smiles, coos, talks and laughs! she is just in 0-3 clothes even though she has a 7 month old brain!


  • wow i think we all have amazing babies. to have done so well.

    when we got to come home we didnt get the care i expected. we didnt see professional for 2weeks after we got home. and only seen them twice now no contact and my daughter only 16 weeks. 6 weeks if u go from her due date. did this happen with any of you?

     my daughter is also on nutriprem2 and no body seems to be able to tell me wen she will come off it. image

    my daughter started giggling and cooing other day its amazing.


  • My eldest was born at 35 weeks, weighed 2lb 12oz and was in special care for 3 weeks until she was breast feeding well enough to come home.  I had weekly visits from either the health visitor or special care outreach team and I didn't feel it was enough!  After 2 weeks at home she was diagnosed with reflux and on medication for that.  I found it very reassuring to go to the baby clinic every week once she had her 8 week check (was advised not to take her out before then). 

    I had never known any other prem babies but I don't think many get taken out much!  My little girl was like Corrinne's little girl, perfect but tiny in size.  She sat up at 5 mths wearing newborn size clothes and was walking in 6-9mths at 13mths old.  She is now a very tall 4 year old and no one can believe it when I tell them how tiny she once was, she has also been the youngest for hitting milestones out of all my daughters by a couple of months. 

    Good luck with all the little babies! xx

  • My little girl was on her medication until she was weaned at 6-7mths and it was obvious to me she no longer needed it.  The GP gradually reduced the dose as she grew (I always had to measure 0.25ml and 0.5ml despite her doubling in weight) then switched to infant gaviscon which she never drank.
  • Alice is over 9 montns and still on NP2. they come off it when they come off in 2 years old maybe or earlier depending on rapid weight gain and doc/HV suggesting they come off.

    When Alice was discharged we saw the nurses weekly! at 3 months and 6 months she saw her consultant and at a year old she will also see him again.

    Alice had reflux until about...erm...yeah actually when they start on solids but I ALWAYS give her a bottle first! then the food is afters! she needs the calories from NP2

    Alice will only take a BF now in the morning. any other time is only a bottle (I wanted to BF for a year!)


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