1ST word

Im so excited as today my lil girl of 9 1/2 months said her first word! "NO" was sooo cute and she kept repeating afterwards!
What was the 1st word your babies said? x


  • Oh how sweet Dellimage

    Tom only said 'pippy' the name of a stuffed dog,til he was just gone 2image doesn't stop now,Jc said mam first and he was late too,Ian says they cant get a word in with me!!!!

  • my little one says be be .... she now says mama... oh.... so lovely to hear those cute words lol>..
  • When Bridie was about 9 months,I used to be giving her tea while Weakest Link was on,and she loved to say goodbye when Anne Robinson says you are the weakest link,goodbye,it was her little joke.Matilda's first words were Peppa Pig...snort..just like in the theme tune.Peppa obviously more important than Mummy.

    Merlin used to say yes to whatever you asked him.You could make up a load of babble and he'd just answer yeh.Hello,well heyyo,was another favourite.This week it's been Wow! to everything,and Look,over there.It's a new word every day at the moment 

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