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Sucking bottom lip

I'm convinced my 4 month old son has been teething for a couple of months now. He constantly dribbles, gets rosy cheeks, has hard gums, and bites down on anything he can get in his mouth. Still can't see or feel any yet though.

The past couple of days he has been sucking on his bottom lip. I wouldn't mind normally, but he now has a sore lip, which has cracked and bled a little (like chapped lips).

Is this another teething symptom, and is there anything I can do - either to stop it, or to relieve the soreness for him? We are constantly giving him teethers and toys to chew on but he's a devil for just ignoring them after a while and chewing on his hands or lip again!

Also, has anyone had teething last this long without a tooth appearing??



  • Hi,

    My LO has shown teething signs for a couple months, he's 5 months old. We have no teeth yet. He sometimes sucks his gums during which he sucks in his lower lip at the same time. He hasn't made it sore though like yours. Not sure what you can do to prevent it or help it heal. Sorry!

  • My DD starting teething at 3 months and didn't get her first tooth until she was 7 months! That's a whole lot of dribble, fingers in mouth etc before anything even happened.

    She used to get a sore lip and chin too and i used to put vasaline on it.

    x x
  • I would put a little bit of vaseline on their lip too to help with the moisture element not sure on the other bit
  • hi tigerlilly

    i think its normal to get months of it before seeing a tooth, they're all moving around inside their gums for a long time thats why they dribble and stuff their hands in their mouths, etc.henry has been like it for a couple of months (5 months now) and no signs of teeth or even white gums. Sometimes i can tell its so irritating for him though. I alternate bibs all day, putting them on the heater to dry and then at the end of the day wash them. I put zinc and castor on his neck so the dribble doesnt make him sore. he has a sophie the giraffe teether toy which he adores, but he sucks her face then wipes her all over his face! I look at him and he has dribble all over his cheeks, forehead etc i have to give him a good wipe down! I also find he lunges forward at my fingers to try and nibble on them and loves a good chew on my knuckle. his little hands are constantly in his mouth. I know its only going to get worse as not convinced it actually hurts him yet :/

    I think it can happen any time in first year but average is 6 months. xx
  • oh and for his lip try rubbing breast milk on after a feed (honestly, nature's remedy for most things, great for nappy rash too) also if you have any lansinoh nipple cream left from the early days a bit of that is lovely lip balm for babies x
  • Thanks Alfie, will try the breast milk thing, and Lansinoh! He's gets nappy rash too so will try the breastmilk on that!

    Your boy sound exactly the same as Ryan, drool gets everywhere! He has a Sophie Giraffe too, and goes through millions of bibs! In a way i'll be sad when his teeth do appear though as i love his gummy smiles! image

  • my son also has been sucking on his bottom lip for a few days now but ive thought that maybe he has been teething for a while he is only four months old and what do you know sure enough hes getting a little white stub on his gum you can see it and feel it. he is not a happy camper either hes been fussy all day so i hope it wont last much longer

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