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Baby Excsma

Does anyone have any good remedies?

My 4 month old has started developing dry patches all over. I massage him every day with grapeseed oil, since we started classes a week ago. Saw a paediatrician in the week for a routine check up and he recommended E45, which i've used today as well as the oil earlier in the day. But he's worried me as he says if it gets worse he might have to have steroid cream from the GP, and i just don't like the sound of that!

Anyone have any experience, and will it go altogether eventually or is he stuck with it now? image



  • Hi hin my 4 mth old started with dry skin about 6 weeks ago and ive been trying e45 cream but madeno differance. I went to the drs a few days ago and she perscribed a bottle of ointment that you put a cap full in the bath and a huge tub of cre ( a bit like vasaline) that you can use as soap in the bath then also use as a moistuiser up to 5 times a day. Ive just been using once a day as very greasy but not noticing a real differance yet!! Soz i dont have the names to hand a my daughter is asleep in her room where the stuff is. Its not steriod cream, they wouldnt perscribe that straight away x x hope that helps
  • We use aveeno cream which is very good at clearing up mild Eczema. However, my dd developed really bad eczema on her back and we had to use the steroid cream, it was fine and cleared up brilliantly x
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