Bottle feeding prob

Hi over the last couple of weeks my 10 week old baby girl has not been taking her bottle very well,she has the first 2-3oz ok then pushes the bottle out with her tongue or chews on the teat. I'll wind her then try giving her more milk she'll suck it a few times then pushes the bottle away but crys because she wants more. Its very frustrating for the both of us. Befor this started she was taking her milk really well and having between 5-6oz .

Im not sure what to do! Any ideas?

Thanks.Jayne xxx                                                                                                    


  • I did have similar problems bottle feeding.My son would take the feed but after being winded wouldn't take much more.

    Maybe try winding earlier,and more often,that may helpget more wind out,that may be the problem,although if your baby was taking milk well and winding well that might not be the case.

    Possibly change the teat.I had slow flow teats to start with for my son,but he used to get lazy once he was feeling slightly full,so he'd lose interest,but be hungry again soon after because he hadn't had enough,so I moved him onto the medium flow teats.It  took a few feeds to get used to the faster teats,but he did feed better.

    Also my son was very fussy about the temperature of his bottle.I had to keep it warm while I winded him,if it had got cold,even a little, he wouldn't take it.

    Hope it's something simple and baby's feeding well again soon.


  • Hi,

    First of all don't worry there's always a solotuion.  My lil boy now 10 months used to do this and sometimes still does all i can suggest is just leave baby for 10-15mins and then should hopefully want some more. Make sure lil one is comfy... and thats all i really no.

    Good luck hope that helps you x

  • id think about changing the teat to a medium flow if your using  slow, it may be babt is getting lasy when hes a little full, also is she getting all her wind up, one of mine used to do a little burp but still needed more winding.

    im shaw thers a solution try not to worry or get stressed, if you feel yourself getting stressed because she wont eat is ther another person who could try for you?

    take care xx

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