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baby sleeping bags for summer

i've got my 7 month old a 1 tog sleeping bag thats lighter for the warm weather, however, his room gets so hot - just wondered what you all use as bedding when it gets hot? I want him to be snug as i worry without a bag he'll kick his covers off and at times he's all over the cot but they seem so warm. x


  • I used a 1 tog bag for our DD last summer. Only when it was really warm and humid through the night did I not bother with the bag, and she just had a light blanket thrown over her. She was warm enough with just pjs on (she was 1 in Sept). Hope this helps.
  • Hiya,

    I am due in July and I wondered this, the nursery is south facing so can get quite warm, what do i put a new born in for August weather?


  • I had my baby in july and swaddled her - I only dressed her in a vest though, and just used one blanket. We have only recently moved to sleeping bags because my little one didnt like them to begin with xx
  • thanks ladies. Last summer he was tiny and was fine in a vest and blanket. In the heat wave in october he had only a nappy and blanket (our house is so hot) and he was sweating in just that.

    Obviously weather is not that hot yet but his room really stores the heat up. Now he's older he kicks blankets off. Tonight ive put him down in his bag and also a vest with little shorts and socks. So he has bare arms and bare legs inside the bag. Am now regretting it and thinking maybe babygro and blanket would have been better! X
  • As the weather has warmed up lately I've been putting little one in just his vest with a very thin swaddle wrap over the top and no blanket at all. He seems to get warm so easily so has been fine like that over the last few nights. If it cools off again then I will go back to a sleep suit with the swaddle over the top.
  • thanks br2b

    well lo slept through for the first night in ages! Today i bought him some shorts and t shirt pjamas for 12-18 months, he's a big 7 month old so they are baggy, three quartor length legs and sleeves so hoping they are cool but also cover enough of him and he's also in the 1 tog bag but left the socks off.

    We are still getting a frost in the morning even though the days are warm.

    Im going to have to ditch the bag altogether when we get proper heat, our house is so warm i dont think its fair that he cant choose to kick his covers off. think i might then put him in a babygro with a light cover and if he kicks it off at least he has a baby gro on x
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