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8 months, refusing milk......

I cut milk feeds down from 4 to 3 about 10 days ago because my dd was barely taking any milk during her day time feeds. I started to offer a morning bottle, a lunch time bottle and a bedtime bottle. I also switched to follow on milk so that she was getting all of the right nutrients. For a few days she took all three bottles well. Anyway, the little monkey has decided she no longer wants the day time bottle - im lucky if she takes 3 oz, and over the last few days she has started to try and get out of her bedtime bottle too! She just cries when I offer it. Eventually I got 4 oz down her but it was a struggle. She is fully weaned and takes lots of solid food including yoghurt, but I am concerned that she is going to start waking up in the night again, the main problem being, if she takes milk at night she wont take it in the morning. She has taken 10oz today and that is all. Should I just relax and go with it? She takes small amounts of water and juice. Im a first time mum and just worry.


  • hi glitterbug

    lots of the mums at my postnatal group have 8 month olds who are doing the same thing - refusing all but morning and night bottles and reducing the amount they take at those feeds. Several of them asked the health visitors and they said give them lots of dairy in their food and not to worry.

    i know why you worry though as they harp on about the 20oz in textbooks until they're one but i think the reality is all children are different and lots dont want this - 8 months seems to be the age where a lot of them cut down.

    One of the girls at my group suggested custard as it has to have lots of milk in it. I know its sugary but i guess at some point they have to have some friendly sugar! And its a way of getting the milk in! Porridge is a good one too.

  • My daughter dropped almost all her feeds at 8 months too, she didn't start waking so don't worry too much. Maybe an extra snack before bed and teeth if you are worried but my HV told me not to worry if they have a balanced diet they get what they need there x
  • were in the same boat, i am still BF but shes only bothered her wake up and bedtime milk, i offer mid morning and mid afternoon but shes not fussed, i think theses will probably both go in the next few weeks,

    as long as shes eating well i wouldnt worry x
  • piggypops when did your LO start loosing interest? Im back at work in 5.5 weeks and my LO still has 4 a day. Got a pricey pump and going to try to keep up but it would be handy if he became a bit less enthusiastic! its a comfort thing for him too and always preceeds his sleeps.x
  • at about 8 months
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