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Baby Bath, which one?

We're working our way through our list of things to get before little peanut arrives and have got to the bath on the list!

ive had a look on many sites and confused which to go for especially for a newborn, do we get a support seat or a little baby bath and hold peanut?  which did you do and which would you recommend?

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  • We didn't bother with a baby bath. Ryan was bathed in the sink for the first few times, then I just got in the bath with him! Obv need someone to help pass the baby in and out, but it's lovely having a bath together! If I didn't fancy a bath myself i still just put him in the big bath, which was fine. xxx

  • I personally bought this cheap one with a sling, worked like a charm + brian loved it, always laughed when bathing. I found it at I also found alot of other amazing stuff there.

    Best regards John.

  • We used one of the moulded plastic seats in the big bath when she was a newbie. I also got in with her a few times - still do!! Its a lovely bonding experience. Once she was sitting up on her own we invested in a sit up seat, but she only used it for a couple of months. It was worth it though as it wasnt expensive x

  • never thought of getting in with them, such a sweet idea i like that!

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  • hi dippyrowse

    we didnt use a separate bath for long, but my friend gave me a tummy tub (like a bucket) which babies love as they are up to their neck in water and feel all cosy, its supposed to be very calming and it certainly was for our LO. Our bathroom is so tiny i couldnt have changing mat, towel etc in there with me while i was bathing lo so it helped that i could put the full tummy tub on a towel on the nursery floor, then get him dressed and feed him and put him to bed all in the same room. Once he outgrew it he just went in the big bath. I had a bath with him a few times but tbh couldnt cope with having it as cool as LO needs it! and now he's so wriggley would definately need someone lifting him to and from me.

    OH insisted on getting a normal baby bath, we used this less than half a dozen times as i couldnt lift it full of water and i had the tummy tub. And as it had a plug in the bottom and needed to be used in the bath, it seemed just as easy to use our bath. But we aren't on a water metre! x

  • I wouldn't bother to be honest, the baby bath was one of the many things we used maybe once then gave away. It was just more hassle than it was worth.

    I found it easier to get in the bath with my daughter when she was tiny, wash her, hand her over to my husband for cuddles then top the bath up with hot water and bubbles and enjoy 15 minutes on my own.

  • We had one from IKEA, which is nice and big and only cost £5.49! Still using it now and LO is nearly 9 months old.  It has non-slip strips inside it and can be used inside a main bath or on nursery floor.  One of our best baby purchases!

  • I have 2 girls & have never used a baby bath, you can bath them just as easily in a sink or in your own bath (MW will even come around your home to demenstrate).

    Again I have had baths with my girls, it helps them to learn not to fear the water & playing at splashing/bubble hairdos with mummy/daddy makes bathtime more fun.

  • we just got a basic one from mothercare with a plug like hole! also useful when you need to rinse clothes out after a mess! When my boy is old enough he is going in the big bath with his sister but until then its baby bath, otherwise she tries to share and one adult + 2 kids in the bath is a tight squeeze image

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