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Please can i have some advice ladies. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second baby but before my missed period i could feel flutters in my tummy and ive felt them since too. I know its far too early to feel these things. I also have a bump the size of a 16 week bump.Has this happened to anyone before...

Thanks in advance for any info


  • Hiya,

    I'm afraid I can't help from the experience point of view as I'm pregnant with my first but are you absolutely sure that you're only 6 weeks?  Could it be that your last 'period' wasn't a true period and was actually a breakthrough bleed or implantation bleed instead and therefore maybe you are further on than you thought?  From what I have read on this site people tend to feel things much earlier and show much quicker when on their second pregnancy so maybe you are a lot further on that you realise?


  • As mrs EW says you could be further along,or it is quite possible it is little bubbles of gas which would quite common at this stage.

    However even if you were a month further along than you thought 10 weeks would still be extremely early to feel anything,your baby would only be about an inch long.

    My guess would be gas.
  • And bloating would also make your bump look a lot bigger.My bloating has been much worse this pregnancy,I haven't been able to get my trousers closed comfortably since sbout 5 weeks.

    My symptoms are v similar to you and im on my second and 7 1/2 weeks.It is getting slightly better now and I am carrying gaviscon everywhere!

  • Symptoms will vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.  My 1st pregnancy I had a visible bump from 6wks whilst my 2nd I lost a dress size in my 1st trimester & didn't have a bump until wk13.

    My placenta was anterior in my 1st so I didn't notice movements until 24wks whilst with my 2nd my placenta was posterior & I felt everything from 12wks.

    If you are only 6wks into term the flutters are more likely to be wind bubbles escaping & a lot of your bump may be bloating & excess fluid.  If you are concerned at all or suspect your dates may be out you could get reassurance from your EPU.

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