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What activities to do with a 4 month old?

Hi guys, just wondering if you could tell me what kind of things you do with your little ones, I just always feel like I'm not doing enough. Thanks girls Becky x


  • My little boy is 19 mths now but I totally felt like you when he was that age. I made myself feel so guilty. I did swimming and kindermusik from 4 mths. Then changed to swimming and baby sensory at about 8 mths. To be honest I would just relax and enjoy being able to go shopping! My lo hates shopping now image

    I enjoyed the classes as I made friends and it got me out of the house. Plus have lots of coffee dates as I could never do that now. There is no ways lo would sit whilst I have a gossip and a latte!!!!

    I bet you are doing just brilliantly xxx
  • in the house just spend time chatting and singing nursery rhymes - its not too early to start doing the actions too. Make sure you're letting your little one have plenty play time on their tummy - its really important for developing head control and shoulder strength, they usually like it better if you lie down beside them.

    I used to go to baby signing and massage which we loved, its a great way to have really focussed 1-1 time with baby but also increase your social life.

    Remember baby doesn't always need to be entertained by you - there's a whole world of things that they are looking at and analysing all by themselves image

    I agree that the fact you are thinking about whether you are doing enough probably means you are doing just right x
  • Thankyou guys, some great ideas and reassurance that I'm doing lots of the right things! x

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