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HELP please. im REALLY worried. my 5 month old has purple dots on his legs...

my 5month old has had 3 episodes of small purple dots appearing on his legs... they do not disappear under a glass, when it first happened i went straight to the doctors.. who said us straight to hospital, blood tests were taken and everything came back fine! we were sent home a few hours later. it happened again a few weeks later. i went back to the doctor who said she really does not know whats going on and can only assume its viral and its his bodys way of dealing with viruses.... its happened again now and im concerned... when he gets these dots he seams fine in himself... i have just been to see a different doctor who has looked at his history and seen its happened 3 times in 2months and assumes its not a serious illness and sent us home.... im really worried... has anyones baby had this happen before?


  • My friends little lad just had something similar and stayed in hospital overnight. His legs went bright red and swollen and blistered and it turns out it's tonsillitis and the virus has just come out in his legs for some reason. He's absolutely fine now but can imagine how frightening it must be x

  • While I can't add any experiences if you are that worried hun and feel like the GP is just brushing you off then head straight to A and E.  There's no point in you sat at home worrying and it's better to be safe than sorry.  Hope all is well with your lo. X

  • Hi,

    Going to A&E is not the answer unless your baby becomes very ill. Going back to your GP and requesting that you be seen by a peadiactric team or dermatology team is the answer.

    You must take comfort in that your LO is well and happy when he gets this rash, if he was lathargic, had temperatures, vomiting or unwell within himself then you should be more worried. It might take a while to find out what the cause is, but the fact that he is well within himself is reasurring. So as hard as it is, please don't worry. Have another chst with your GP/HV.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • thanks. i went to see a different gp. he was lovely and said the dots are not normal and was chasing up my referal... i got my letter today and we see the pediatrics in just over a week! im scared but i need to get to the bottom of it

  • My 5 month old has been having these dots too. They have been coming and going for 2 months. They're called petechaie. I take her to the doctor everytime but he keeps saying not to worry but everything online indicates that it's something serious image She got them again last week and I demanded bloodwork and it came back normal. I'm so confused! Did you find out anything??
  • My daughter has had something similar happen to her in the last few months. Finally we have been refered to the childrens hospital and found out she has von williebrands disease. A very specific test on the  blood needs to be done but children can live with the condition with very little problems in their life. We were told that it is not a condition that is well known about and can be misdiagnosed alot. Hope this helps


  • Hello. I am new on here but joined as I read your posts and have just had the same experience with my almost 5 month old son.

    A week ago I noticed faint purple/red dots on his arms. he was well and to cut a long story short I put it down to me holding him by the hands whilst playing and I had maybe somehow squeezed a bit tight, or putting his snow suit on him and as he goes mad when I put a coat or hat on him, etc, I thought I'd maybe somehow hurt his arms putting this on. I don't recall ever being rough with him but these little dots looked like burst blood vessels and as he was well I didn't think it would be anything like meningitis as by the time the rash appears he should have been very ill. 

    Yesterday morning I dropped him off st my mums whilst I went to the dentist. She said he screamed in pain from when I left at 10:10 am until approx 11:00 am. She said he looked like he had colic. I thought it was more likely to be his teeth as he is teething, and if he had woken up and I wasn't there maybe he was more upset. By the time I returned home I noticed lots of purple dots all over both his legs. Again looked like burst blood vessels, like bruising but not clumped into one big bruise -they were more like scattered dots. I went to the doctors who said she though it appeared to be HSP (Henock-Schönlein purpura) and sent me to hospital for blood tests. After blood and urine tests and taking his blood pressure, due to the rash, this is what they concluded. They said it can happen after having a virus, (he has had an ongoing cough, remaining after a cold a few weeks ago) although is more common between the ages of 2-11 years. it's also more common in boys. Sometimes it can go away on its own and never return but rarely can cause kidney problems. They have therefore referred me to a community nurse team who will do frequent follow up urine tests and take his blood pressure - if there is kidney damage they said blood or urine in his wee will be present and his blood pressure will be raised. symtoms can include colick type symptoms, painful swollen joints and other symptoms-if you look on the NHS website, or others, it will tell you about HSP. Nothing thankfully showed up in his wee but they said blood pressure slightly raised, however this could be due to all that had been going on. Poor wee thing had a canula put in which hurt him 😢. Please note that due to the appearance of the rash and nothing else present in his blood or urine, they have said it is "probable" HSP. It could happen the once, or a few times and disappear, or in rare cases could cause kidney problems, but that is why you are referred to a community nursing team to monitor urine and blood pressure. 

    Sorry this was so long but wanted to help in some way And hope it has. 

    I will also keep in mind Heath2's comment re von williebrands disease if the above does not appear to be the case. 

  • Sorry just realised how old these posts are-if you therefore have any updates I would be grateful.


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