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8 week old wont settle :(

Sienna-Lily is 8 weeks today and she hasnt slept at all!! Shes been constantly making noises. Some cooing and the rest a mardying/crying type of noise and shes been constantly throwing up bits of her milk all day as well. Im so tired and got a feeling shes not going to sleep tonight either image ive just given her a nice warm bath to see if that will help but it doesnt seem to x


  • Ahhh i mean 7 weeks!! Lol thats how tired i am today image
  • I could have wrote this post hun. Let me tell u after having a perfectly quiet happy first baby who slept beautifully I was shocked at how much of a grumpy screaming puking monster my 2nd was! Tried everything, almost went insane on lack of sleep then one day she just stopped.......just slept when she was tired, fed when she was hungry, it was mad. She was such a difficult newborn but after about 13/14 weeks she really settled. She's 5 months today n still brings her milk up, even her solids r still coming up but she's nothing like she was. hang on in there hunny it doesn't last long n when she's Lexie's age ull b longing for those newborn days again image x

  • Could it be a bit of colic? That might be the cause of the unsettled crying & spitting up?? Maybe try some gripe water or infacol if thats the case. Or... It could just be normal baby stuff as LH says! Sorry you're having a rough time of it... Hope things improve soon

  • Did u try the colief hun? It worked wonders for lexie x

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