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6 month baby with uneven leg crease?

Hi, I was aware of checking for asymmetrical leg creases in a baby so since my little girl was born I know that she was perfectly symmetrical. She is now 6 month and seems to be gaining weight quickly and I was just in the bath with her and she has this extra crease out of nowhere! She is already good at wobbly walking when held and she seems to have no problem. Is her extra crease something to worry about at this age?


  • My youngest had the same. I spoke to my health visitor and she said not to worry unless you can see obvious movement issues. He was crawling fine so just kept an eye and then by 9 months he started taking his first steps. Other than the extra crease for a short period of time he's been absolutely fine. He runs here there and everywhere now so I wouldn't worry too much at the moment. I also remember because of where the leg crease was it made him look like one leg was ever so slightly curved. The health visitor said she could she what I was saying and pulled both his legs straight and that made it less obvious. If you are concerned talk to your health visitor or doctor. They were great at putting my mind at ease!

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