Would you take your baby out in public wearing just a nappy (weather permitting, obvs)?


We'd love to know your views on a baby-wears-nappy story that's getting everyone hot under the collar in Australia.

It all started when Aussie radio and TV presenter Yumi Stynes went to the premiere of Paddington in Sydney. She took her 6-month-old baby daughter Mercy with her – and posed on the red carpet, with baby Mercy only wearing a nappy. (It's pretty darn hot in Sydney right now.)

Here's a pic of Yumi and Mercy on the red carpet:


A journalist working for the Daily Telegraph saw Yumi and Mercy and said Yumi's decision to take Mercy out wearing only a nappy was 'weird' and unhygienic.

'There was only one fashion faux pas on the red carpet,' he wrote. 'It wasn’t a celebrity revealing a little too much. It was a baby wearing nothing but a nappy.

Yumi – and many Aussie commentators – was shocked at the journo's remarks. She replied: 'I don't believe in judging babies by their outfits. She's a BABY. If we have reached a point where that's an issue, then we truly have all gone mad!'

But what do you think? Would you take your baby out in public wearing just a nappy? Or, like the Telegraph journo, do you think it's weird?

Please do let us know!


  • Seriously, I don't care how hot it was, she couldn't put her baby in a babygrow? I've only ever taken my baby out in her nappy and a tshirt once, and that was on a school run when she pooped all over her bottoms and I'd forgotten to take a change a clothes! Even then I was embarrassed my baby was out in just a nappy and top. I think this is a big no, no, also considering this lady is on a red carpet to boot! Am I wrong? 

  • But it's so hot over there in Australia right now - like 30 degrees or something! And babies get so overheated so quickly.

    I don't know. I do think it looks odd to see the baby like that on a red carpet but I do understand why the mum didn't want her to overheat in a stuffy cinema.

  • But it's not like in the UK where we have a little heatwave and everything goes to pot. Australia are totally prepared for their heat, so surely they have air con in their cinemas? Wouldn't the baby get cold? I just do t think it would have been a lot to ask to just put a sleepless and legless bodysuit on the little girl.  

  • Good god does it really matter lol? If it was a full grown lady walking around in a nappy then yeah that would b wrong! geez if it's so hot u can get away with it then why not. id do it if it ever got hot enough here, but the least my kids have ever gone out in it a short sleeved babygro. Honestly the worlds bleedin shot it, haven't journalists got better things to report on. Ffs!

  • Agree with previous poster that there are better things to report...

    But it does look a bit weird at a proper "event". There are plenty of sleeveless vest around or even a little thin short playsuit would have been better.

    Don't really get the journalist's comment about it being unhygienic??

    Also, why would you take a baby to the cinema anyway?!? My little boy has still never been and he's 3.5!

  • My daughters 5 n she's only been once lol. I guess they do things differently down under, u don't see many if any babies on the red carpet in the UK or even the US do u?

    also something else to think about, aren't mums criticised and judged enough anyway on things such as breast feeding, weaning, sleeping arrangements etc? now it seems people have the time to publicly criticise the way a young woman dresses her baby? Madness! Go find a real story to report on!

  • I never would have thought it was a problem really? If anything, I would have thought it was odder to bring a baby onto the red carpet? I've not seen the story though. But if it's hot, it's hot. As long as the baby's OK, I have no business tell

  • Oops! No business telling her how to dress her child.

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