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October 2014 mummy's where have you gone?????

hi ladies!

we Harry is now 8 weeks old!!! 

omg where has the time gone 😔 his booked in for his first jab Christmas eve it was the first appointment I could get for him...feeling very guilty about it poor little chap.

we are also moved house last week! Was a nightmare with Lennon and Harry both being unsettled last week but we are starting to make progress now, Harry is doing ok, have had a few little problems which put us back to hospital like a cyst on his chest and we are now fighting a case of thrush in his mouth from the antibiotics he was given, seems a lot for a little one to deal with....

me iv recovered really well from my c section 😃 iv even had my first af! Ended today yippie!! And we are going to ttc again! But set a 2 year limit and if nothing then his going in for the chop hahaha xxx

hope everyone is well and happy, love to u all xx


  • Awwww wicked hun another little baba. Glad ur all doin well chick, I've gone back work doin a few nights a week at my local tesco. Just had the girls both ill with hand foot n mouth but they're over the worst of it thank god. Can't even contemplate another baby yet lol Ian says there's no way were having another but we shall c! Hope u all have a lovely Xmas xxx

  • Hi huni 

    omg the poor girls hope they are ok and glad to read they are over the worst! Poor little bubba's.

    how are you finding going back to work?? 

    lol we are crazy I know trying again but it feels like the right thing to do 😍

    lol Stuart said the same thing before Harry was born but soon changed his mind, he said seeing me go through the pain he didn't like but when he saw us all together at home he knew he was not ready to call it a day...bless him xxx

    all set for Xmas well 99% there stl got to do the dreaded food shop! But I'm not doing a Christmas dinner this year, we are going to the boys grandads for dinner! So saved my self some pennies there lol but im having an open house Boxing Day so will have to get the food in for that and New Year's Eve is just Stuart and myself and the boys :) xxx 

    happy xmas to you and the family huni xxxx

  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry I haven't been on for awhile, I wasn't able to see any of the threads so had nothing to reply on.

    Sarah: Hopefully his jabs will be fine, it's usually worse for us than us.Hope you all settle into your new place quickly & that Harry recovers from thrush quickly. Look luck with ttc - I'm really hoping my af stays away for ages (it was 5 months with Isobelle).

    Rafferty is now 6 1/2 weeks old & doing really well. He sleeps fairly well & usually only wakes once or twice at night but sometimes once awake he wants to stay awake. I love chatting to him & he is usually very smiley. We've just been on a 5 day break at Butlins (was supposed to go with my family in Oct half term but that's when I was due) so I got to take him for his 1st swim which was lovely. Have arranged to start his swimming lessons on 8th Jan (where I used to take Isobelle).

    I missed my 6 week appointment this week with both hv & gp, I'd arranged them for next Monday but can't make them now as it's my hubby's work christmas do for children so having to arrange for the new year when he'll be 9 weeks but hopefully that should be ok, will have to organise the jabs for soon after that.

    Have a great Christmas all x

  • 9 weeks is fine huni that's what Harry will be when he gets his xx

    oh wow swimming already id love to take Harry :)

    are u set for Christmas?? 

  • hiya ladies, long time no speak I've just read through all your thread above everyone seems to be getting along great and can't believe how old our babies are now. It's so scarey .. Jessica will be 7 weeks on Thursday! Has her first lot of jabs on 5th jan poor little thing. 

    we are also going to start ttc straight away - well we aren't using anything and just going to see what happens . With waiting so long befire and my pcos we just don't know how long it can take again but if it happens soon it'll be great if it dosnt it don't matter because we have our beautiful baby girl :-) my ad came right after the bleeding had stopped from the birth apparently it's quite common?

    Blackkat I'd like to start taking Jess swimming but abit scared . What do I need to get ? 


  • Sorry that's my AF came 

  • Whoops I forgot to come back to this again!! Don't you just love baby brain!!

    Sarah: Luckily the gp was fine with us having the appointment at 9 weeks & we'll see the hv next week at 10 weeks. 1st set of jabs booked for the week after at 11 weeks, not ideal but the gp didn't seem worried.

    Lottie: How'd Jessica cope with her jabs? Good luck with ttc. We're done now & I'm looking into getting the implant which'll sort contraception out for the next 3 years!

    As for swimming Rafferty hasn't taken to it quite as happily as his older sister but I think that's because, if he's not asleep, he likes to feed quite frequently. All you need to take them swimming is a swimming nappy & then a cover to go over it like a happy nappy or baby wetsuit or swimming costume depending on how warm/cool the water is.

    How are all your babies getting on?

    Rafferty managed to catch Isobelle's cough & we had a bad few days straight after Christmas where he would cough & bring up his milk feeds & had a bit of a temp. He's much better now & has even started sleeping through the night for the last week (wish he could teach my 3 year old who consistently seems to wake at 3am!). He smiles & laughs lots but then can suddenly switch to being really upset in a split second, usually wanting milk as he's a real milk monster. Thankfully he's started to take my expressed breast milk which means I can leave him with my hubby which I took advantage of tonight with a zumba class!

    Hope everyone is well x

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