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getting baby into a routine

Hi all,

I am a first time mom and would like some advice about getting baby into a routine.

My son James is 7 weeks old, is this too soon to establish a routine?

He sleeps great at night, usually 6 hours straight but we don't really have a daytime napping routine. He eats every two hours during the day.

I have been trying the EASY routine but sometimes he falls asleep after being fed which means he doesn't do an activity.....

Thanks in advance


  • I think it's a personal choice. Personally I wanted to be baby led so I didn't have any routines & just let my daughter do what she needed to do with feeding & sleeping & did activities with her when it worked for both of us. Good luck

  • We started a routine with our son at 6w, getting him bathed/washed at the same time, into his PJs and then some cuddle before putting him down to sleep. He very quickly adapted to it and if we left it a bit late, he would cry and get tetchy as if to say he wanted to go to bed. He's very good with his bedtime routine now at 6m and rarely do we have problems getting him to sleep.

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