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Reaction to first immunisations?

Hi, my 9 week old daughter had her first imms on Tuesday, 2 jabs and the rotovirus one orally.  Each day since then she has been sick whilst feeding at least once per day, quite a large amount each time (covering me, herself and the chair we were sat on).  There isn't much warning each time, she'll be feeding fine, then I'll hear a gurgling noise in her tummy so I stop, then a few seconds later she vomits, usually 3 or 4 times.  She doesn't seem to be in distress when she's sick, she doesn't cry or anything, and she always wants to finish hwer feed afterwards.  Could this be a reaction to her imms as she wasn't doing this before and nothing else has changed? Thanks


  • Could be the rotavirus medicine, it gave my lo the runs big time but she wasn't sick x

  • Thanks, hope you're right! X

  • How's your daughter doing now, brummymum?

    Hope she's feeling better.

  • She's a lot better, thanks.  I took her to the Dr as she was still being sick. He said it sounded like reflux and was just a coincidence that she'd just had her first imms.  She's been prescribed Infant Gaviscon and since starting on it has improved loads, so it looks like he was right!

  • Oh I'm glad to hear that - hurrah!

    And good that you've managed to get the reflux sorted so quickly - it can often take ages to sort, I know.

    Here's to a life with less sick in it!

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