Getting DS to drink water?

DS is nearly 8m and I offer water with his food. Recently changed from a TT sippy cup that is free flowing as DS isnt actually drinking from it, just swallowing because its pouring into his mouth --as well as coughing and spluttering-- I bought a TT no spill sippy cup thing thats like a small TT bottle with handles and a nipple. He just chomps on the teat.

Any suggestions on how much water he actually needs and how I could get him to drink more water? He is weaning on 3 meals a day with 18-24oz milk a day.



  • My DD didn't drink anything apart from breastfeeds for months. I just couldn't get her to drink. Tried loads of different cups, sippy cups, non drip ones, even doidy cups. In the end I tried giving her some squash and she drank it straight away with no problems - turns out that she just hates water! 

    I've learnt that it does take them a long time to get their head around drinks other than milk though, so don't worry if it does take a bit more time x

  • I did consider whether to try him with some cordial - as in really weak but just enough to just give a flavour.

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