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seriously miserable baby

Evening all. I'm fairly certain this is a fruitless post but I'm at the end of my tether.... I have a 6.5 month old who for the past 4 months has moaned almost constantly. It seems that every week it gets worse and worse... he is my 2nd child so I'm under no illusion to how tough it is but this seems so much harder this time which I'm finding difficult to handle as I was told often by friends and family the 2nd is so much easier when u have a difficult 1st (which I really did)!!!!  So not true in our case.. grr... he moans solidly from 7.30am to 8.30pm aside from naps. I have a 5 year old that is struggling with the noise and constant moaning as he cannot get 5 mins peace in our small home to read, watch TV or even just have a 2 minute conversation with me after school. Son no 1 was a handful but nothing like this! I no having a baby is no walk in the park but this feels too much on a daily basis. I try and get out the house as much as possible but with 2 school runs to do a day it isn't easy. He is constantly entertained with toys, activities and time with me but it isn't enough and I'm at a loss. He has cut 2 teeth so far but shows no signs of movement yet. Any tips anyone has no matter how small I will gladly try! Thanks to anyone that replies, I no we don't have a lot of time with kiddies on our hands and appriciate anyone that takes even a minute to reply to me. Thanks in advance. Kerry


  • It was around this age that my kids got frustrated, wanting things and not being able to get them, we found that a large blanket on the floor with a few selected fav toys is good entertainment as bab rolls round to get them and eventually crawls to them.

    If he is teething check for ear pain too and sore bums - my oldest son broke every tooth in multiples cutting 2 or 4 at a time Completing his sull set by 18 months but when my daughter was same age she only had 8 all took weeks to cut with endless sleepless nights and fevers.. They are all different but being miserable all day suggests he's not happy about something.

    Is he getting munchies? I know my boys always ate enough to sink a ship so maybe an extra snack?? 

    How does he respond to being entertained... Does he need it or could he self sooth / occupy himself for a minute or two, a friend of mine says her daughter settles when she is left for a few to chill with a warm drink on a bean bag lol always revives her into a much better mood ( but she is almost 1)

    Just a few things for you to consider, and I know having older kids is hard too especially when u have a challenging time but as a mom of 3 boys and 2 girl I can tell you it gets better, most things end as a new phase begins. Just relax and trial and error what calms him or cheers him up, he might just be over stimulated and need to have quiet time with no fussing. 

    I'm sure there are health visitor s too if there is anything more u worry about x

    Please come back and update and I'll see if I can remember anything else lol ( our challenge is now 9 lol )

    Best wishes 

  • I didnt want to read and run....unfortunately I cant add to what has been said above but sorry to read you are having a hard time.

    My daughter is 8 months old and is at the stage of needing constant attention and entertaining, although she doesnt moan all day. She is not crawling or anything yet but really wants to go so I think its frustration.

    Hope the moaning eases a little bit for you x

  • Hi, have you tried a darkened room with a sensory light show? You can get all sorts from sensory web sites. It may distract him from his woes for a time. I'm inclined to think it maybe teeth though, have you given him a dose of calpol to see if it improves his mood any? Love to know what if anything helps, keep us posted.

  • Hey Kerry , hang in there!! I have been working in a nursery with babies and toddlers for 7 years and have seen many babies like this and parents in such distress because it really is hard, heres a few things I can suggest:

    1)I think teething is really playing a big part in this, the front teeth are usually pretty painful, a dose of calpol and nelsons teething powder may help with this.

    2) is little one crying for you to pick him up and do you pick him up if crying for it( this will encourage him to do it more( sitting next to LO rather than putting on lap or picking up will allow you to show compassion but not giving in 

    3) how are his eating habits.. he may be a hungry baby and bottles may not be doing the trick... Possibly try a bottle, an hour and half later and then food, then give next bottle when you think he needs one, very much trial and error of course( I would reccomend feeding until LO chooses he doesn't want any more)

    4) have you considered a slight dairy allergy ( can upset the belly and bowels, keep an eye out for eczema or spots on belly this is becoming much more common in babies under one although they do usually grow out of this by two years old! Maybe avoid very heavy dairy product for a week or two.

    5) someone on here mentioned a dark room with light up sensory toys which isa great distraction for babies ! 

    6) how is the sleep routine, are they getting enough. Have you tried swaddling LO as they go to sleep this can sometimes help them sleep longer but obviously ensure LO doesn't become over heated

  • 7)you mentioned about no movement? What did you mean by this. Here's a link which will help you find out what your little man should be doing at his age at some point. 

    Early Years Foundation Stage - basically milestones children should be meeting by certain ages according to health professionnals, ofsted and early years educators such as speech therrapists ect.

  • Hope this helps and good luck with everything xxx

  • Hi Kerry!

    I feel you, my little girl got like that. So frustrated that she couldn't do much but didn't really know what she did want.

    I second a blanket laid out with some different toys ok. Have you started weaning?

    Hang in there, it will get better. 

  • Check out this website

    I took all 3 of my girls to him for colic. Assuming you don't live in or around Wichita, Kansas I would recommend trying to set a time to FaceTime with him. 

    I hope this is helpful!! 

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