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HI all


Firstly I must apologise for my lack of posting of late….For those that remember me….H is now 15 months old and I have been on my own without my ex since back working 20 hours a week too so my time is pretty limited…I do pop by and lurk from time to time but I am intending on making more of an effort I promise!! question…when did you drop to one daytime nap..


Henry has been happily napping twice a day for a while..first one is usually about 10 – 11am and the second one 2.30 – 3.30….(it has been 4pm previously but I have tried to make sure he sleeps no later than 3.30 now) In the last week he has been refusing the afternoon nap…getting up and standing up in his cot etc….he is tired – if we were out in the car he would fall asleep for sure.


So…do i? Hold off the morning nap for longer? He is an early riser so generally by 10 he needs a nap! Or just let him go without his afternoon nap and face the consequences?


Im sure this has been done before…but your experiences would be appreciated!



  • We've just dropped a nap with W and he seems to be ok with it.  he was napping for an hour in the morning and 90 minutes in the afternoon, but that meant he wasn't waking unitl around 4pm, which for us was just a bit on the late side.  W wakes around 6/6.30 each morning (but i think us moving around getting ready for work is what wakes him as the shower makes so much noise and it's through the wall from his room), so now he's going down at 11.30 and sleeping for a good 2 hours over lunch time and waking at 1.30 for his lunch.  It means that by the time 7pm comes around, he's ready for his bed, so we don't have a fight on our hands at bed time anymore.

  • Thanks RKB...H was the same sometimes sleeping until 4...but he has always gone to bed just fine too.... I think in an ideal world he would last until 12 o clock lunch and then nap straight after.....

  • E dropped to one nap quite early (at about 12/13 months).  I gradually shifted the morning nap back by 15/20 mins every few days, until she was going down at 12 - we used a few early bedtimes if she got really tired.  Now she goes down around 12:30 and sleeps until 2:30/3pm.  We wake her at 3pm at the latest for a 7pm bedtime.

  • Hey there Alocin....yeah that sounds like where we should be....i think ill have to try holding back the morning nap gradually..... What do you do if your out and about?

  • L went down to one nap at about 13/14 months. He now sleeps 8-7.30 ish with a two hour nap at around one. If he wakes early he naps earlier, but for longer, and if he naps later than three he wont go to bed easily. When we dropped the second nap I just made sure he was kept busy in the morning so that he wasn't tired and whingey, and for a few weeks I tried to avoid going in the car late morning as he would invariably sleep. It was a pain for a while, but it was worth it, the two hours of peace is amazing!  Good luck!

  • To be Honest HJL - E was at nursery 4 days a week , so they did a lot of the hard work!! (but worked with me on the timings).  I started on a Friday, so I could get started on days when she was with me and then nursery carried things on.  At weekends I tried to protect her nap time and tried to be home for a while, until she settled into the new routine.

    Generally if we are out and about she will sleep in the car/buggy, but sometimes doesn't sleep as long in the buggy.  Sometimes if she doesn't nap for as long in the day, then I try and have much quieter time in the run up to bedtime, and sometimes just bring bedtime a little earlier to help.  Generally though she seems to cope really well on the occasional days when she has less sleep (and often seems to catch up the next day!)

  • J dropped to one nap shortly after starting nursery, so 13/14 months. They just couldn't get an afternoon nap out of him, so it forced the issue. He still had 2 at home for a while, maybe another 2 months, then I dropped the morning one and did a nap straight after lunch same as nursery. We're now at the stage that he'll need to drop his nap entirely soon- I'm not looking forward to that!

  • No i bet your not spikeyg.....those two hours of peace are a godsend hey.... thanks everyone. H is with mum today so i have asked her to try and delay the morning nap if she can and see how we go.

  • A is 18 months and has been having one nap for a few months no, since about 14/15 months I think.  

    We were pretty much like you with nap times, then A started shortening his naps so that he was only having 30/40 minutes in the afternoon.  We just tried keeping busy in the morning, having lunch pretty sharp at 12 and he now goes down for his nap about 1pm, and sleeps 1-2 hours.  However, if we are out in the morning you can pretty much guarantee he'll fall asleep in the car, and if he's asleep longer than 30 minutes the afternoon nap is a nightmare!

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