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Newborn clothes - how many of each?

I've been advised to buy around 10 vests and 10 baby grows in newborn size, is this about right? I know that I'll need a few hats and pairs of mittens, but other than that, what is essential for a newborn? Baby is due in December, so maybe some cardigans or something? I have no idea where to start.


  • That sounds about right to start with to me, definitely add a cardigan or two as well and maybe a thin pramsuit as well. If baby turns out to be sicky/big/small, you can always get more once they are here.

  • Yeah about right to me too, don't under estimate how much you will be given as gifts and if you desperately need more you can also pop to 24 hour tesco etc (in extreme sickness situations). I would get newborn baby grows from a few different places as they vary in actual size massively!

  • Sounds about right!

  • That sounds ok. I bought approx 10 newborn/one month baby grows and then was given everything else as either presents or passed on second hand from friends. I think we now have 15-20 vests and baby grows. Echo buying different brands. The newborn tesco ones he is almost out of (3 and half weeks) where as the John Lewis newborn stuff still has plenty of room.

  • I think we probably had 6-10 vests and just one pack of 5 sleepsuits as we didn't know what we were having and I couldn't find much neutral stuff that I liked at the time. H put a vest and sleepsuit on him while we were in recovery, then rang my mum to get her to pop to Tesco on her way over for visiting hours as L was far too big for any of the newborn clothes that we had! So for us even 5 was far too many! Definitely try and avoid getting too many, as as others have said you get so many as gifts you may not need any others - we hardly bought anything until L went into 6-9 month clothes as we had huge amounts of 0-3 and 3-6 bought for us. I think the only other things we bought in advance was a snowsuit, a couple of hats, and a couple of cardigans.

  • I'd make sure you get a couple of small and big sizes to take to the hospital with you. I'm speaking from experience, W, as you know, was a big baby, so the small sizes I'd packed were too wee for him. H had to bring a bigger size in later that day.

  • Sounds about right to me. IIRC we had 10 sleepsuits, 10 vests, couple of cardi's, pram suit and a load of mitten, a hat etc. I thought we'd get a lot as gifts but a lot of people bought the next couple of sizes up (ironic- we didn't buy loads as thought we'd get clothes in newborn and people didn't buy us newborn as thought we'd have it already!!!)

  • Again, sounds about right to me. We had gazillions of cardigans as I'd grandma went on a knitting spree and they were handy as it got colder. I'd get a pramsuit thingy maybe, although, you could probably wait and get it once baby is here so you have a better idea of size. We didn't get one til S was older and he was fine wrapped up in his morrck or blankets.

  • Thanks all, good to know we are in the right track. Yes

  • Exactly the same as Rose - I thought people would buy newborn but I ended up having to go and buy loads. I had a summer baby, so sleepsuits were just too hot for the day so I had to go out and buy a load of little dresses and rompers. I'd get a few in 0-3 as well. A friend of mine just had her 2 week overdue baby which came out at 10lb6. The newborn stuff wouldn't even go near him!

  • Hi all,

    i have just found out that I'm pregnant and i really do not have a clue what kind of things i need to buy if anyone could help it would be much appreciated!

    my baby is due in June, so does that mean i wouldn't have to buy baby grows I'm new at this so don't really know where to start!

    Thank You Ladies :)

  • Hi Laurarachel,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! We thought this thread full of women also due in June 17 might be of interest to you...

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