Please tell me about re-usable nappies

I know i have ages before I need to worry about such things but H and I are trying to spread the cost of baby related items before I stop working.

I am really keen to use re-usable nappies but I don't really know where to start. I have had a quick google but there are so many options and a lot of the sites seem aimed at people already using them not people like me who have never changed a nappy re-usable or disposable!

So where do I start are there boy and girl versions I will not find out what I'm having? How many will I need? I guess thats hard to answer but how many would be a good start so they don't end up nappy-less in the first few days. Did you mix disposable and re-usable? H is worried that re-usable will casue nappy rash did anyone find that to be a problem? We don't have a tumble drier although may do before the baby is here but I would like to be prepared in case we haven't got one.

Is there anything else I will need? I have heard talk of nappy buckets but I'm probably being thick, are they used to pre-soak the nappies before they go in the machine?

Thanks for all your help



  • This might help (it was written in conjunction with md users)

  • I've been looking into this, and it might be a good idea to look at your council's website.

    Our council does a nappy bucket with lots of different types that you can borrow for 3 weeks to see what suits baby best. They also give £30 back for any nappies that you buy.

    So what I'm planning on doing is buying some disposable ones to start with, then borrowing the bucket to see which suit baby best.

  • Hi Rosco :) we use cloth nappies. The article will really help you get your head round it all.

    We started out with disposables for a while, don't feel guilty about starting out with them and slowly starting to use more cloth. I was sometimes confused reading everything but it all made sense once I started actually using them.

    I filled out the questionnaire on the fill your pants and nappy lady websites, really useful.

    I did get a few newborn cloth nappies but he outgrew them so quickly, I almost wish I hadn't bothered. The birth to potty size fitted him well at 8 weeks ish so I could've waited really and just started a bit later.

    We have a fumble drier but I rarely tumble the nappies, mainly just to fluff up the bamboo ones which go quite stiff after drying. The little lamb pocket ones are great because the outer dries so quickly, even inside on a colder day and the bamboo inserts don't take much longer really. I chuck them in the airing cupboard for a couple of hours.

    Does that help? Please shout if you have any more questions, I love talking cloth!

  • We've just started using cloth. Did disposables for first week then used cloth during day. Still using disposables at night but plan to move into cloth when we have more! When going out I have done both and feel confident using cloth on a day out now, as its no harder than disposables, just put nappy in a wet bag to take home.  

    Currently we're using miosolo all in ones. They are really easy to use. They are birth to potty, but a bit big for newborns really in my opinion. I only have 15 which currently only last us two days max. I'm buying some little lamb all in ones and going to attempt some two parters as well, so hopefully I will then have enough to not need disposables at all.

    We don't have a tumble drier so either dry on the line or indoors with a dehumidifier to speed things up. My midwife said nappy rash can appear whatever nappy is used. I'm still changing every two hours which seems to be ok, he has had a tiny bit of redness which we put cream on. We have a nappy bucket with a mesh bag inside. I don't soak the nappies, just put them in and wash when we have a full load. I also just put them straight in the machine sometimes, ready for the next load,  but not sure if that us good practice or not. You can put lavender oil or tea tree oil on a muslin to sit over the nappies to stop any smells, though I haven't done so as so far I can't smell anything. Hope some if that helps.

  • Thank you all. It seems to be try a few and decide which you like is the way forward. I will get some disposables too I guess they will work as back up also if the others are drying. If I come up with more stupid questions I'll let you know!

  • I read that with nappy rash, it's usually triggered when the poop and wee meet, not just by wee so as long as you change as soon as baby poops, it should be fine. S has never suffered except when teething or upset tummy.

    The Nappy Lady has a great FAQ section which challenges some of the myths about cloth x

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