Snuffly newborns and wind

M is now 11 days old and over the last 3/4 days has developed a very snuffly nose (more so than normal). He otherwise seems well with no temp or signs of a cold. This same time periods coincides with him developing a lot of wind which I think is worsened by by his nose as he finds it hard initially to latch due to being bunged up and pulls off gasping for air until his nose drains a bit. Once that happens he settles and feeds fine but the wind is a PITA to get rid of! Plus the need to de-latch and re-latch,till he's settled is killing my nipples! It takes a long time after feeds to settle him because of the wind

we're using infacol and saline nasal drops at every feed, and have raised the head if his cot using books.  Is there anything else  we can do to improve his nose and/or wind? He is too young for anything else available over the counter or in the supermarket it seems 


  • Poor thing :( S had a proper horrible cold when he was too little for anything and it's really hard.

    Have you tried feeding him in the bathroom whilst the shower is running? The steam can help clear their noses a little bit more.

    Wind-wise, you could try a gentle tummy massage - clockwise as you look at him, just below the tummy button. Also drinking fennel tea is supposed to help wind if you're breastfeeding.

    HTH and he clears up soon x

  • Thanks popcorn - we've been doing the massage, I'll give the shower a try tonight as I'm due for a wash lol

  • How is he doing now JJ? Hope his snuffles have eased a little bit x

  • His snuffles have improved, thank you for asking! The saline spray really seems to help. We were having some milk let down issues which weren't helping his wind but fingers crossed that's better now we're working on his latch

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