Nappies - move to 3+ or 4s at night?

I think I asked A similar question before but I'm confused between 3+ and 4s lol

M is now 14 weeks old and after many trial of many different brands we have now settled with pampers and he is currently comfortably in size 3s during the day with plenty of room for growth so no problem there. He is a champion pee-er at night and his nappy is fit to burst in the morning and has taken to pooing at night again too (but always between his middle of the night feed and morning wake up so therefore I don't notice until the morning) so not quite as absorbent of poo because it's so full of pee. 

Pretty much we've always been using the next size up for nights but I'm not sure wether I should be going for 3+s or in this situation. as the size 3s fit comfortably would you move up to 3+ seeing as all i need is extra absorbency? Or would you move to 4s? He's in the weight range for both sizes (6,6kg 3 weeks ago at last weigh so prob now easily over 7kg) but I know it's more about shape rather than weight .

He does have some nappy rash ATM following his rotavirus vaccine last week, and we have had issues with thrush and balanitis so I'm keen to keep him as dry as possible overnight (i don't currently change him overnight unless he has pooed when he wakes for a pee, but will go back to that if that's a better option??)


  • Hi JJ. Do you use the Pampers Dry ones at night? I use those at night and New Baby in the day with no problems. I do change H at night if he wakes (which he is just starting to do again the last couple of nights, now he has hit 4 months!) x

  • Sorry Rio I should have added that shouldn't I lol - we're currently using baby dry both day and night (I didn't realise the newborns went up to size 3 so jumped from newborn 2s to baby dry 3s when we started getting leaks inthe 2s)

    He has started waking in the night again for feeds so changing him is no issue, but there are some days where he sleeps through so the 3s don't really cut it

  • Hey JJ, if he's had a bit nappy rash, I know it's a pain but I would change him if he wakes for a feed. In terms of nappies, we never went to 3+, we went from 3 during the day and 4 at night then 4 during the day and 4+ at night (then I just used 4+ all the time as the nappies are exactly the same and I kept putting + on during the day or going to put the wrong ones on at night!) if I remember right we weren't in 3's for very long but then O wore 4's for months! I can't remember the size different but given he will grow into them anyway, I would try 4's to see how much bigger they are and if they are ok then go with those at night x

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