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cradle cap - eyebrows

Hi all, 

Just seeking some advice, FTM here. My 6.5 week old lil man has had dry hairline / forehead for 10 ish days now but with the help of olive oil & cotton wool each night its pretty much gone.

However I can't seem to do anything to help with the slight cradle cap he has on his eyebrows!! Right in the middle giving him the look of a unibrow / star trek character! I've googled and can only really find advice for scalp. 

We've used the olive oil before bath for about week now & tried rubbing off the soft flakes but doesnt seem to have done anything and can't tell if its actually made it worse.

I know different remedies work for different babies but:

Would dentinox and maybe cotton bud or wool help? 

Or the CC cream you can get? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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